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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Episode Nine, "Thanksgiving"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode Nine, "Thanksgiving"

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the ladies of Lipstick Jungle whipped up their own feast on Friday night. Of course, like all family gatherings on TV, it was something of a disaster, with dead dogs, sobbing babies, and a wedding dress interfering with the calm Thanksgiving Wendy had planned. Want to chat about it? Just


  • Ha, of course Wendy would be the one hosting the big Thanksgiving dinner. And, in an effort to be "greener," it's a locavore meal, where all ingredients must come from within 100 miles of NYC. Nice nod to NBC's green efforts there, but it was mostly funny as an avenue for the other characters to make disparaging jokes about it.
  • The first person making things harder for Wendy is her mom, who's back to make nasty comments about everything. I know a lot of you weren't thrilled with Mary Tyler Moore's first appearance on the show, but I could definitely see how someone like Wendy could be formed from her parenting style.
  • Meanwhile, Nico's holiday takes an unexpected turn when Megan shows up asking her to take Charlie for the day, which leads to one of my very favorite moments of the entire episode: Kirby's baby-calming dance:
  • Victory's planning to boycott Thanksgiving, so she's actually pretty excited when a man comes to her door (via Dahlia) looking for Victory to design a wedding dress for his wife-to-be. The story goes a little off the rails when the woman isn't a size two. There's a little dancing around the fact that the woman is plus-size and a lot of weird self-esteem-y comments. The whole thing just made me feel uncomfortable.
  • I actually think I would have been happier had it been evil Dahlia setting Victory up to fail — but apparently evil Dahlia is no more, thanks to some anger management classes at City College.
  • Also: The plus-size wedding dress Victory ends up designing? Ug-ly. I don't care how hard they worked to get that woman to believe in her inner beauty; the dress was fug.
  • In another strange plotline, Josie calls Shane in tears because her dog is dying. I thought this was a setup to lure him over to her apartment — and that works, I guess — but there also really is a dead dog. So Shane's stuck calling animal control while Josie watches football and takes off her clothing.
  • Then Shane misses most of Wendy's Thanksgiving because they get caught burying the dog in the park. Yeeah.
  • But back to storylines that make sense: Megan doesn't come back for Charlie and tells Nico she can't possibly raise this child. It's a little late for that kind of decision, really, but Nico starts to see the bright side: She's starting to feel a real connection with the baby. Kirby, on the other hand, thinks it was fun playing mommy and daddy — but only because they were playing.
  • Also, Maddie dreamily throwing herself at Kirby throughout Thanksgiving is just awesome.
  • Eventually, the life-changing duo of Dahlia and Victory show up at Wendy's, where they pour out Dahlia's coquitos and Dahlia flirts with Sal.
  • And! In the final minutes, Shane tells Wendy he wants to have another kid, which leaves her shell-shocked.

So! Nico might have a baby. Wendy also might have a baby. We've got two weeks now to contemplate what's going to happen to the ladies, so tell me: Where do you want the story to go next?

Photos courtesy of NBC

rubiene rubiene 8 years
what i meant is she is one of many women ever dreamt of having a baby. maybe not then but some women wants to have one. we don't know the actual story of NICO right now. some women may live not wanting to have children. some have really wanted all their lives. so let's say if one can't conceive a baby or ever decided to have one too late it is somewhat a failure of how they feel. and i respect that. it's more like wanting to have a nice clothes and yet you can't have it and dreaming to have one is the only way. just a thought. i know clothes is funny as an example but that is a little thing how much more wanting to have a baby in one's life.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
"She was missing something so special in her life and that is to have a baby with CHARLES and not having one could be one of her biggest failure in her life." See, I just don't get why it's a failure.
rubiene rubiene 8 years
ladies ladies if you are in that situation and having baby at ur sight--nico wasn't ready to look after the baby at the beginning and yet the baby was a simble of life. HOW could NICO not think of it when at first season WENDY mention about nico "what does she knows about kids?" A WOMAN like nico for all it's worth wanted to have a kid too. that would affect her by looking at CHARLIE the baby. KIRBY is young. BOTH may have feelings for each other but the show did showcase A realistic view of both NICO AND KIRBY have different wants in life. for NICO at her age is no longer all about missing sex. she was missing something so special in her life and that is to have a baby with CHARLES and not having one could be one of her biggest failure in her life. the big picture is KIRBY will be around but it will take sometime for a person like him to see the big picture of what relationship is all about. MAYBE he needs to eat more rice or potatoes to grow up knowing it's not just present great realtionship with NICO but NICO wants something more. A family with children. THAT'S what i think. TIME IS TICKING for NICO.
indielove indielove 8 years
I get what you're was like out of the blue especially when she told Wendy that she wants to keep the baby.
gramercygirl84 gramercygirl84 8 years
I'm happy that they are at least moving the show to 9pm starting a week from Friday for the 4 remaining episodes. Apparently, it's doing "better than expected" in this time slot (Friday vs Wednesday), so maybe that's good news for the future of the show...? If you want to help save Lipstick Jungle, as I do, please sign the petition and tell your friends to do the same! Seriously, if Twilight can do $70 million at the box office in one weekend, then we non-teenaged women ought to be able to keep one of TV's most entertaining and fashionable dramatic shows on the air!
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I just can't relate to her this way. I feel like this sort of immediate transformation (and really, that was unrealistically FAST) is part of the same image of women that causes people to look at me like I have an arm growing out of my head and say patronizingly "oh, you'll change your mind" when I profess to not want children.
indielove indielove 8 years
I just like the softer side of her, that's all. To me, she let her wall down when that baby came to stay with them, it was endearing.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
I'm the exact opposite of Indielove - I don't like this side of Nico. I liked independent, successful Nico who ranted about people thinking you must have "testicles under your skirt" if you didn't want a baby.
indielove indielove 8 years
"She's worried about Shane and Josie, and now he is asking for a baby out of the blue." Yeah, I definitely think he's into Josie but he needs a distraction especially since she ALWAYS needs him. They make a horrible couple...Wendy and Shane. He seems to be really selfish.
Swen Swen 8 years
I loved this episode. I don't think Wendy is going to have a baby. I thought the reason Wendy was so shocked with Shane's baby comment was because of what her mother told her earlier in the episode. Her parents had Wendy to try to save their marriage, and it didn't work. She's worried about Shane and Josie, and now he is asking for a baby out of the blue.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 8 years
I'm probably the only one who is not thrilled with Kirby. I have been sensing a break up for the last 3 episodes and I look forward to it. She wants to settle down it seems given the last episode out in the country. Maybe with Wendy out of the work picture, she just doesn't have the enthusiasm for it. But I certainly Tlsgirl's point that they may be taking her down the tried and true motherhood path that we don't necessarily need to see more of. The stories are really far fetched, for sure. Not a lot of substance, but I feel like the fashion makes up for it. And Lindsay Price. Love that girl. I also like Rosie Perez and am dying to know more about the crystal ring she was wearing during this episode.
indielove indielove 8 years
I like this side of Nico. I don't like her most of the time. Wendy is boring. Josie SO wants Shane. Shane is fug, and he sounds super pretentious. I think he knows Josie wants him and he probably wants her so he'll try to keep Wendy busy with the baby-making. I just don't like him. I think Nico and Kirby will break up. Victory needs Joe in her life. She's starting to look really pathetic. Either get with him or get OVER him already!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 8 years
I want Kirby and Nico to stay together. I don't think I could raise my cheating husband's child, even if he is deceased.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Normally I like a good Thanksgiving episode, but this epi really bugged me with the whole "Nico the mom" storyline. I was always really pleased that they had a character who was obviously very fulfilled and successful without having gone the traditional family route, and who wasn't looked at as any less of a woman because of it. No more, apparently. It was like the writers sat down and said "let's see - she has a hot 26-year-old boyfriend, a great job, amazing friends, but clearly the presence of a uterus makes that not enough, so let's have her plan to adopt the son of her cheating husband and his underaged mistress." It makes no sense. Not only that, but Nico's "connection" to Charlie seemed pretty tenuous and mostly consisted of smiling goofily while saying "hi" over and over again. I dunno, I hope Kirby doesn't blindly accept it and that they somehow do away with this particular turn of events. Oh, and you're so right Buzz. That dress was really ugly and old-fashioned looking. Not Victory-like at all.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i was wondering when you were going to post this one. well..i have to say that there was a bit too much going on this time...don't you think? one of the funniest parts was maddie and kirby. how cute was that right? so is the show setting it up for kirby and nico to break up? i think that he's the man candy for us all and if he goes away then what's our incentive there? and YES the wedding dress was ugly! it looked horrible and i think that it wasn't reflective of victory's style at all. all in all, not one of my favorite episodes to date. if this was the one that the fate of the show hinged on, then i wouldn't think that the show would survive
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