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Lipstick Jungle Recap: Season Two, Episode Two, "Help"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode Two, "Help"

After a season premiere that brought the three main characters together over a tragedy, Lipstick Jungle sent them out in very different directions this week. Victory's story was sweet, Nico's was hot, and Wendy's was heavy (though also a little bizarre), and I was surprised by which of the three I liked the most. Want to chat about it? Just


  • I don't know what's come over me, but I'm kind of loving Victory right now. And I'm really liking this flirtation with Carlos Ponce's character, the environmentally friendly contractor of her dreams. They eat hot dogs together! She spies on him via closed-circuit security cameras! They go shopping at flea markets at midnight and buy crystal doorknobs together! It must be love.
  • Also, her reverie about the history of the crystal doorknob is pretty sweet — and kept from being too cheesy when she snaps out of it and demands a chandelier.
  • While Victory's off being all McFlirterson with Rodrigo, Nico's working on moving on, which is a little hard when the subject of her late husband's affair pops up demanding his sweater. Ultimately, I thought Nico's offer to help out was classy and generous — right down to giving her the name of the best OB/GYN in New York. But my favorite part was the way she responded to the request for his sweater: "You already have something to remember him by."
  • Nico's also searching for an outlet for her grief and recovery (at Victory's jewelry sale: "I'm ready to bargain!"). Luckily for her, it doesn't take long for Kirby to show up at Nico's door, and it takes even less time for "we're making soup together" to progress to "we're swapping clothes with strangers and, as Usher might say, makin' love in this club."
  • Also, it's hard to take Kirby seriously when he's wearing rainbow suspenders.
  • Meanwhile, Wendy seemed to be on some other show altogether, dealing with Noah, an old friend (had we heard about him before?), actor, and ex-drug addict who was key to her John Lennon movie. Turns out, Noah's erratic and unreliable behavior is all due to an inoperable brain tumor, but Wendy can't let him die without playing Lennon and forges some paperwork so he doesn't have to pass the studio physical. Now, it looks from the previews that her decision will have serious consequences in the coming weeks, but it really seemed to come out of nowhere.
  • Brief aside: Wendy's storylines seem to jump around the most on the show (last week: mother and daughter issues; this week: big professional decisions), and I wonder if it's because the writers don't know how to handle writing for a relatively happily married person? Without a Kirby or Joe Bennett, what is there to drive Wendy's story forward?
  • When Victory's assistant first turned up nearly naked, I was too confused to figure out that he might have been evicted. It's good of Victory to offer him the top floor of her new building — to take another step toward getting her way with Joe.
  • Where were Mary Tyler Moore and Rosie Perez? I assume they'll both be back, but it was a jolt to lose them so soon.

Overall, I didn't like this episode as much as the premiere, but it still set up some interesting things for the future. What did you think? Surprised by where any of the stories are going? And do you prefer things hot, fast, or cheap?

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