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Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode Five, "Scary, Scary Night!"

Lipstick Jungle Rundown: Episode Five, "Scary, Scary Night!"

Questionable decisions abound on this week's Lipstick Jungle. Wendy's still struggling with how to be a stay-at-home mom (and not dealing with her frustrations in the most appropriate ways), Kirby goes to great lengths to prove to Nico he can pay for some stuff, and Victory . . . well, she starts thinking about Joe Bennett again. Ready to talk about this episode? Just


  • First of all: Wendy! What are you thinking? I said a while back that the writers didn't seem to know what to do with her because she's the only character in a stable marriage — but that was before they got her fired from her job, and anyway, it certainly doesn't mean I wanted her to go around kissing random guys!
  • That said, I wish we'd spent more time with Dennis earlier, to give the relationship a little more buildup than, "We're drunk, I'm bored, and my husband's away! Kissy!" I did think the two of them had chemistry — but Wendy has Shane! And she accidentally broke up Dennis's marriage even before the kissing!
  • Shane should have kissed her goodbye, though. Do you think Wendy will confess the kiss? If we've learned anything about her, it's that she's definitely an oversharer . . .
  • Meanwhile, Victory's dreams/hallucinations about Joe Bennett made me laugh, especially those shots of him repeatedly falling through the ice. And I love that those dreams became a little more urgent when she learns Joe really is planning to climb the Matterhorn. It actually leads to an interesting Joe moment: Since his father died at his age, and since Nico's husband died, Joe's starting to feel nervous about his own mortality and wants to do something big while he still can.
  • Um, remind me never to have Wendy and Nico analyze my dreams. Nico decided the Joe Bennett climbing dream was a metaphor for "the mountain of debt you owe him, the mountain of work you have to do, the mountain of pressure you're under," while Wendy just thought it was a sex dream.
  • Kirby, meanwhile, is starting to feel severely inferior to Nico since he can't afford their take-out, much less a trip to Aspen. Nico and Victory both tell him to let it go and let Nico pay, but he needs to save his masculinity, so he snaps a picture of a starlet drinking the dregs of the liquor at a ritzy Halloween party and sells it for paparazzi prices. Not exactly the artsy photographs he wants to be known for, I'm sure.
  • Also, if dude's so poor, why does he have an iPhone?
  • Back to Wendy for a second: She thought she had a way out of mommy hell, partnering up with Sal to start a production company together. But now, Sal's the new Wendy, and Wendy's still alone. I imagine this is going to be a long crawl back to professional satisfaction for her.
  • Speaking of professional satisfaction, Nico ends up getting drunk with the gross, sexist owner of a sports magazine Griffin's had his eyes on. Her bawdy language and copious shots eventually win him over, but Griffin backs away from the deal, saying that someone with those sorts of old-fashioned attitudes can't be good for business. You know, I actually kind of liked him there.

So, Wendy and Shane might be heading for trouble, Kirby's got a new career in the semi-illicit photo market, and Victory and Joe are going to try to make it as friends. Are any of these things good? Don't forget — the show moves to Fridays now, and you can find my recaps back here on Monday.

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rubiene rubiene 8 years
i still lo'sve MATT LAURIA Roy -Vicotory's assistant. i think he is a charmer! lol.
DreaAST DreaAST 8 years
First of all, Kirby is so HOT! Second of all, I LOVE this show! I am so mad they are moving it to Friday night because I feel like they do this to shows they want to cancel. I was a huge Las Vegas fan and it was moved to Friday night leading it to be cancelled. I really hope this does not happen to this show!
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
this ep kinda annoyed me because of the kiss and kirby feeling inferior. he knew who nico was from the beginning, so why all of a sudden now? i get it though, but still, he knew what he was getting himself into. also, the reason lj is moving to fri nights is because of the return of law&order to make wednesday night "crime" night. life is moved to wed because it'll be a good lead-in to law&order. and let's not forget, friday night lights was once the timeslot of the new lj night and it heavily appealed to the women demo. lastly, dvr playbacks are being tied to nielsen ratings, so just as long as you tune-in, hopefully the show will survive. i actually came to like lj more than i thought i would.
cibele cibele 8 years
I missed Rodrigo too. I wasnt glad Joe was already back. I thought we had some time away from him :(
Lynne Lynne 8 years
"Get off my mountain" was the best line!!! My other favorite moment of this episode was Wendy's spiel on new Sal, old Sal and new me!!!!! I think we can give LJ some hope for Friday nights. Some shows do survive, like Numbers and Ghost Whisperer. But then again, I'm probably the only married, no-kids 27 year-old female that stays at home on Friday nights!!!
kgtg1 kgtg1 8 years
Leaving your TV on will not affect the ratings unless you are actually signed up to do the electronic Nielson ratings at the time of the show. So don't leave your TV on all night - save energy!
rubiene rubiene 8 years
LIPSTICK JUNGLE is moving on FRIDAY EVENINGS so ladies and gentlemen you make sure let ur TV ON even if we are out. THAT would ADD to the RATINGS. HOPING THEY WON'T CANCELL the show soon. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Wendy is in a tough position but i like the newly seperated guy. HE is a charmer. I GUESS the show really go fast and trying to make the story go faster just incase NBC will cancel the show. that is why we see different situations right away. which i find it great because at least i get to know where or how it ends. just hoping it will go on. PLS. SUPPORT LIPSTICK JUNGLE and HAVE YOUR TV ON THAT EVENING to LIPSTICK JUNGLE regardless if we are working or out to THAT WAY THE RATING IS
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i think that the only good thing about the move to friday is that i get 2 episodes this week. that's about all i can say for that one. i think that it's going to be a bad move. in any event, i think that throughout the episode i knew what was going to happen. i was frustrating my fiance cause i kept saying 'now this is going to happen' and then it did. i called the fact that joe would be sitting on her steps, and i called that kirby would get the picture, and i knew the whole nico getting drunk at the magazine guy's house. it's just a matter of what's still to come right?
bridget0621 bridget0621 8 years
i do love this show. there are so few shows right now that appeal to women. too bad its off to death-slot-friday night's, and then to cancellation-ville. i love that joe is back. but i will also miss rodrigo. i think she should date both of them. THAT would be a fun storyline! olive- i think at the end of the prev ep, it was understood between the two of them that they could not continue dating because he couldn't deal with her public image. Let's cross our fingers that NBC sees the light and invests in the potential within LJ!!
ioet ioet 8 years
Yeah and about the iPhone - you have to remember Apple's def paying for this advertising, and recently they have been going for the image that an iPhone is for everyone, even your average [poor] Joe.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
Good points about the iPhone. I guess it really illustrates the difference between Kirby being a struggling but well-off-enough young New Yorker who can afford things like rent and an iPhone and the entire other level of wealth that Nico, Victory, and Wendy have.
laughing808 laughing808 8 years
I simply love the show, so thanks for the recap. Wendy - I can't believe she fell into that situation with her son's friend's father; I'm surprised she hasn't found more to do with herself since she's not working. I would love to see Victory and Joe back together. Why is Kirby having a hard time grasping the full effect of how well off Nico is? He needs to re-evaluate whether he's willing to build a relationship with a woman of her status.
oliveoyle625 oliveoyle625 8 years
Okay, was it just me or did I miss something? Where did Rodrigo go and why was it that Victory had all this time on her hands to start thinking about Joe. I thought the whole point of her telling Joe that she was over him was to move on to Rodrigo and then in this episode, he is completely missing. Weird. Also, doesn't Griffin seem like he is developing a thing for Nico? They might make for a more exciting couple than Kirby whom Nico said lates to in the book. That could also lead to Wendy somehow getting her job back. Who knows? I also don't like that the show has been moved to Fridays, but good thing I always catch the show online. Hope they don't cancel it like some are predicting. I love Lindsay Price and Kim Raver too much and would miss them!
graylen graylen 8 years
I'm a young professional that doesn't make a ton of money, but I could still save up for an iPhone that I would use everyday. That still doesn't mean I could afford any of Nico's standard of living (like takeout from expensive restaurants and trips to Aspen). I don't think that's really abnormal. I like that Joe was struggling without Victory a little bit. It was nice to see them back to together. Though, admittedly, I'll be sad to see the Rodrigo eye candy go! ;)
soulight soulight 8 years
About the iPhone thing, I know dirt poor students here on campus that scrape their money together to keep their iPhone, so if his goal is to have sweet a phone, then he will accomplish that mission.
PoshBride PoshBride 8 years
The only good i see is a possible romantic reunion for Victory and Joe. I really hope they don't turn Kirby into a papparazzi photo dealer. And I really hope that Shane and Wendy make it through what ever bumps lie ahead. i LOVE this season. Not too happy about the Friday night move, but thankfully there's DVR.
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