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Game of Thrones
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Live From the Emmy Press Room: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

Nothing like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to liven up the Emmy press room! The two were just back here in the press room with their whole crews to talk about their awards for Outstanding Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Program (Colbert) and Outstanding Variety, Music, or Comedy Series (Stewart).

"It's always great to come out here and win," Stewart quipped. "It's a long flight." He had nothing but kind words for his protege, Colbert, whose show beat Stewart's in the writing category.

Colbert, meanwhile, wasn't quite so kind to Stewart: "I've been gunning for him for years," he said. "Even when I worked for him, I did not wish him well."

Colbert was (probably unsurprisingly) a total goofball on stage, running around and clinking Emmys with his whole writing staff. As for insulting the Emmy chairman a couple of nights ago on his show? "I believe calling John Schaffner a world-class a-hole is what got me this award," he said.


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a-nonny-mouse a-nonny-mouse 8 years
Oh gosh, I love these two knuckleheads. I want them to come to my house so I can fix them lunch, and they, in return, can make me giggle. What a phenomenal pair! *[That's what she said.]* {{Yes, I know. That is a line from their other friend and former Daily Show crony, but when speaking of John and Stephen, it's hard to exclude Steve. They're such a clever trio.}}
Jinx Jinx 8 years
Mmmmmmmm, Jon Stewart.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i always like to see this type of friendship and closeness about people in the same industry. they really do wish well for each other and it's nice to see them having fun with it all.
stephley stephley 8 years
What is Stephen going to rant about this week now that he actually won? Maybe he can have Don Rickles in so he can gloat.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 8 years
I love these two. Especially since they don't take the whole awards thing so seriously.
Entertainment Entertainment 8 years
yup, "a-hole." direct quote!
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Did he really say "a-hole"? I hope that's the case, as a-hole is so much funnier than the word it's meant to replace.
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