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Live From the Emmy Press Room: Mad Men

The cast of Mad Men was completely delightful in the Emmy press room, where they were celebrating their Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series — the first basic cable series to win that award. Several cast members sipped champagne, and Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss snapped iPhone pictures of each other.

Series creator Matthew Weiner called the win gratifying for a show that "resonates with the human condition," and he said it was something of a victory for every writer who's ever toiled away on a TV script at a library or a Starbucks. But a lot of the questions were for Hamm, whose Don Draper has been the heart of the show from the start.

"It is a career-changing role," Hamm said. "It is the thing that you dream about. You dream about getting to play something this rich and layered and funny and sad and beautiful all at the same time. Until recently, it hardly ever happens on television."

Pretending to smoke a cigarette while swilling champagne, Hamm acknowledged that "it is fun to dress up and smoke and drink in fakeland." But no worries — he said he doesn't behave like Don behaves in daily life.

Hamm also heaped praise on Bryan Cranston, who took home the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Breaking Bad, so to hear about that, just


"I think Bryan's work in the show is amazing," Hamm said. "I know him well, also. For a friend on a show that's if anything even less watched than our show to succeed was — I mean, I was just so happy for him. So it was really nice, and I'm really, really glad he won and he got to make a speech rather than me, cause I'm terrible."


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pinky-tuscadero pinky-tuscadero 8 years
Mad Men is the BEST drama on television right now. I am thrilled that it won best drama. Jon Hamm = HOT!
em1282 em1282 8 years
So cool that y'all got to be there in the press room. I did really want Jon Hamm to win but it was nice to hear him say so many great things about the winner. He's gotta win an Emmy eventually, though...
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
Congratulations to Mad Men on such a well deserved win. Jon Hamm is top notch! Buzz, I'm so jealous of--and happy for--you being in that press room! Love the updates. Thanks!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i love how you get the scoop on what people say off the red carpet - and being in the press room - you're SOO lucky! :)
Lysa1237 Lysa1237 8 years
I LOVE this show, I'm glad they won, very well deserved.
magalaya magalaya 8 years
He sounds very gracious about it all. I'm still bummed he didn't win though. He's amazing on Mad Men.
Chic-to-the-Core Chic-to-the-Core 8 years
:woohoo: I'm so pumped that this won. I'm sad Jon Hamm lost though. Christina Hendricks looked amazing!
KWM KWM 8 years
That was very classy and gracious of Jon Hamm, but I wish he would have won instead.
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