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Award Season
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Live From Sundance, Part III

Yesterday I proved to myself that I really could spend an entire day watching movies and not get tired of it. In fact, it started to work like a drug — the more films I took in, the more I wanted to watch. So, maybe it's a good thing that I leave Park City today! Check out my third collection of thoughts on this year's Sundance Film Festival:

  • Watching four movies in a row on Tuesday, I really got to see the good (The Last Word), the bad (Sleepwalking) and the very, very ugly (Death in Love) — along with the kinda pretty good (The Deal). More to come on all of these soon, but just know that I haven't ever wanted to walk out of a movie so much as I wanted to leave Death in Love. On a brighter note, I got to see The Last Word starring Wes Bentley, Winona Ryder, and Ray Romano, which will likely prove one of the success stories from this year's festival.
  • Saw Charlize Theron at the premiere of Sleepwalking, and she is a beautiful giantess. She gave a few speeches about the film (which she produced and stars in) and she seemed so down-to-earth, I almost felt badly for disliking her movie so much.

More thoughts if you


  • I'm seeing some trends here at Sundance this year. Lots of movies that deal with suicide, several with themes surrounding messed up super-violent sex, lots of comedy derived from insider-y jokes about Hollywood/"the industry," and while I haven't seen a ton of great adult female characters, there are several outstanding performances by younger girls this year (AnnaSophia Robb, Elle Fanning, and Morgan Lily come to mind).
  • Saw Meg Ryan at the premiere of The Deal and she seems to be a gracious person, especially when crazy fans accost her and literally won't let go of her twiggy arm until she's taken 20 photos with them. Sheesh! People are nuts. I really mean the twiggy part, too — she looks worrisomely slim.
  • Had my favorite meal so far this trip: the delicious huevos rancheros at the Eating Establishment this morning. I highly recommend!
  • Next time I'm asked to go dancing or to a club and I'm not feeling it, I'm going to borrow Evan's (Wes Bentley's) line from The Last Word: "Nah, I'm not particularly funky."


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