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Which Lost Actors Do You Want to See More of After the Finale?

Mark Pellegrino scored the role of roles last year when he was cast on Lost as Jacob, a man who seems to be the key to the entire show. Now he's scored again, this time in a movie: he'll star in indie drama Joint Body as a man on parole. Though Pellegrino has quite a few film credits, I'm hoping his profile continues to rise, which we can of course thank Lost for.

This casting news represents something else about the show, though — the fact that the series will soon be over (tear!) and we'll have to look to other projects if we ever want to see our favorite castaways again. While Daniel Dae Kim has plans to star in the TV Hawaii Five-0 reboot, many Losties will show up on the big screen, like Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly, who said recently that they'll be done with television when the show ends.

I personally want so much more of Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn, who incidentally have nothing lined up yet (maybe they just need a brief, non-island vacation). Is there anyone from Lost you're hoping to keep seeing on TV or in movies after the show is over?

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