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"Lost" Episode 10: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"

"Lost" Episode 10: "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"

As Hurley might say, "Dude, come on!" Last night's "Lost" was not entirely ... anything! It wasn't all that interesting or informative. However, I do love Hurley, and Sawyer was on fire with the nicknames, so it wasn't a total loss. Also, apparently this week's episode will have big implications in next week's episode. Here's hoping. For more on this week's "Lost,"

Hurley's Cursed, Maybe
Here are the things I learned about Hurley last night:

  • He is a heavyset gentleman because Cheech Marin got the munchies and handed him a candy bar before leaving the family for 17 years. Thereafter, Hurley has substituted food for fatherly love.
  • His mother's libido is insatiable.
  • Cheech advises Hurley, "Having hope is never stupid... you gotta make your own luck," but it could have been the pot talking.
  • He saved the dead car that he and his dad worked on as a kid.
  • He thinks his winning lottery numbers are cursed. He bought a Mr. Clucks, but soon, a meteor — "or an asteroid... I don't know the difference" — lands on the Mr. Clucks, killing news journalist Tricia Tanaka in the process.
  • Hurley goes to Australia because he says, "That's where the numbers come from." He claims Lenny at the Institution told him. This is why he got on the Oceanic flight 815.

Little Miss Sunshine, "Lost"-style

Is it bad that I first thought of Little Miss Sunshine when I saw that van? I half-expected the skeleton to be gripping a Best Supporting Actor award.

Thanks to Vincent the dog, Hurley finds a van in the jungle. It doesn't seem fair to "volunteer" the non-English-speaking man who doesn't understand what he's getting into, but at any rate, Jin goes along with Hurley to get the van running. They find Roger the skeleton, whose Dharma uniform says "Work Man." Hurley says he's got to have hope and turns the ignition. Hurley, hope's not going to start a car whose last driver was a skeleton.

Sawyer comes upon Jin and Hurley and learns that there is Dharma-issued beer in the van, so he helps them right it. Hurley has this idea to shove the van down a grassy hillside into a collection of large rocks. Charlie goes with Hurley since, well, he's going to die anyway, and they avoid the rocks and are fine. Jin and Sawyer join them and the four rediscover the joy that is turning donuts in an open field to the tune of Three Dog Night's "Shambala."

Upon returning to camp, happy and full of hope, Jin gives Sun a flower, while Charlie goes over and charms Claire, leaving Sawyer as the only boy at summer camp without a girlfriend.

Kate Is Annoying
She just is. So she and Sawyer "break up" or whatever, and she starts calling him "Sawyer" again instead of "James" (which always sounded silly coming from her anyway, like she was scolding her son or something).

When she sets off to help Jack, Locke and Sayid say they can help. Something about the way the sun hit Eko's stick as Locke was burying him? They better explain that vague bit of non-information. Suddenly Rousseau appears and Kate tells her about Alex living with the Others, and now they'll join forces to rescue both Alex and Jack.

Symbols, Etc.
There weren't many.

  • It's interesting that they kept repeating that Cheech was gone for 17 years, which is NOT a "Lost" number.
  • The color red was in heavy use, especially in regard to Hurley — the car, his shirt, Mr. Cluck's exterior. This was true of Desmond's "flashbacks," too: The "Future" paint in his flat was red, and the man's shoes were red when he died in the explosion.
  • There must be an Island Vogue sitting around somewhere, because all the ladies have some nice new haircuts with bangs. Sun and Claire look especially fetching.
  • There was some kind of map in the van, which Sawyer quickly disposed of in favor of the case of Dharma beer.
  • Making your own luck = finding hope.

Sawyer to Charlie: "Oliver Twist" and "Jiminy Cricket"
Sawyer to Hurley: "Jumbo-Tron" and "International House of Pancakes"
Hurley to Sawyer: ""

Photos copyright 2007 ABC

Join The Conversation
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
can you imagine being on an island for as long a these people have and everyone behaving the way they do? they would be trying like mad to build a fire to get off the island, build a boat, anything to be saved or even make the time pass more quickly. kate cannot be with jack now; she was with sawyer. the look on his face when he saw them together was perfect, he won't go for kate after that. kate's good with sawyer! they are more alike. i enjoyed the episode, i just like the characters so i don't really care what happens. hurley cracks me up "dude, that's messed up". i think when they are rescued (last show) no time will have passed at all for the rest of the world. hope that's not for a long time though.
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
oh and random question: did cheech marin used to have a cleft lip? i kept staring at the scar on his upper lip.
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
Ooh I also heard on the news (yes, ABC local news) that the love triangle between Kate, Jack and Sawyer is going to turn into a love square(?) with Juliet
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
Sawyer said something like "looks like the Dharma people were mapping out a dirt road" or seomthing like that. I was pretty disappointed with this episode, nothing really happened. I thought it was funny how they got Korean pornstar SungHi Lee to play Tricia Tanaka. International House of Pancakes and Jiminy Cricket comments was funny.
bugness bugness 10 years
Shaving cream, razors, scissors are perfectly explainable. Hello, former hatch and other dharma goodies? Did you guys forget about those? And who says women can't cut each other's hair? My friend used to cut mine. Ha, maybe Sun and Claire and the other ladies had a little girly night giving each other new 'dos. lmao. But yeah, I was a little intrigued about the map that wasn't looked at enough. But I think it was nice to have a happy episode. Hurley's mom is just disturbing. -Bug
simplybe1 simplybe1 10 years
oiseau--you're right, sun is supposed to be pregnant. guess that stort line went down the tubes along with the invisible monster that ate people! did anyone notice the women seem to have some really extensive wardrobe choices for being stuck on an island?
oiseau oiseau 10 years
This is random, but isn't Sun supposed to be pregnant? Whatever happened with this storyline?
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Snuffy! I forgot about that one - so hilarious. That lovably gruff Sawyer. I know, sashak - the shaving cream AND the sharp razors? Come on. italygal - ABC really is annoying with their previews; the extravagant promises now just seem desperate (many of their Grey's promos were obnoxious in that way). They've used the whole "you won't know what people are talking about on Thursday!!" bit before with "Lost" previews. As though we'll experience watercooler exile.
code-monkey code-monkey 10 years
"Hurley, hope's not going to start a car whose last driver was a skeleton." Hahaha.
sashak sashak 10 years
SNUFFY!!! that was it! I just about died that was so funny! & yeah, bangs? what? & were did Charlie get shaving cream to shave his face?
italygal italygal 10 years
i am so annoyed. is anyone else annoyed by all the blatant false advertising? i mean, this episode was good but it was NOT what they said it was going to be. like when abc again hyped the third episode for the grey's anatomy arc as having a "devastating conclusion". the only thing i found devestating was finding out that shonda rimes's mantra of breaking all the rules is a bunch of crap.
italygal italygal 10 years
um, what happened to "this will be the episode everyone will be talking about" and all that hoopla of facing social inadequacy if you failed to watch? what exactly was so jaw dropping about this episode? if it was supposed to be Rousseau (sp?) finding out about her daughter - YAWN!
chancleta chancleta 10 years
Oh did you notice when Hurley first hugged Sawyer that he called him Snuffy (or something close to that) i.e. Snuffleupagus. So mean but funny. Re: Hair. SO feeling you. They have great new dos for being stuck on an island. Re: Kate. Ditto. Annoying for sure.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
Kate sucks. I've been over her since the first season. "Roger Workman" = funny!
sashak sashak 10 years
we're gonna look death in the face and say "whatever, man"! the boys & Vincent doing doughnuts in the field was AWESOME!!!! this was a really good eppy... it made me happy :) & yeah, Kate is pissing me off too
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