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"Lost" Episode 12: "Par Avion"

"Lost" Episode 12: "Par Avion"

Okay, so here's what I learned from last night's "Lost": Charlie and Claire can fit an awful lot of words on a small piece of paper. Also: It's pretty easy to just walk up to a seagull and grab it. But I digress... kind of. Here are my thoughts on last night's episode, "Par Avion."

It's Hard to Care Much About Claire
I don't know why, but it's not that interesting to know about her past. For about the millionth time, the episode opens with the opening of an eye, the way the "Lost" pilot began with Jack's eye. We learn that Claire and her mother were in a car accident, which may or may not have been Claire's fault. Claire's mother is in a vegetative state, which would be a problem financially if they didn't have a mysterious benefactor paying their bills. The person's identity, of course, is a spoiler, so to find out who it is,

It's Jack's dad, Christian, who reveals that he is also Claire's dad. Whoop-dee-do! Many of us have already speculated that Claire and Jack are siblings, and I am relieved that Claire and Jack never got it on, because how awkward would that be now? When Christian heard about Claire's mother's accident, he introduced himself to Claire and urged her to take her mother off life support. She was resistant to that idea, probably because she felt so guilty about possibly causing the accident. Summing up the theme of the episode, Christian says, "There is hope and there is guilt, and believe me, I know the difference," implying that Claire is keeping her mother alive for the wrong reasons.

On the beach, Claire becomes obsessed with capturing the sea birds that she assumes are tagged. In the end, Desmond catches a bird, and Claire and Charlie write a long note on a scrap of paper and attach it to a bird before letting it go. My theory? The bird and note will show up in one of the character's flashbacks, furthering this idea that being on the island messes with time and space.

Speaking of Which...
How many ways can Charlie not-die? Like a watchful nanny, Desmond objects to whatever Charlie does or wants to do, predicting Charlie's death at every turn. Like Claire with her mother, he is keeping Charlie alive... whether it's for the "right" reasons we'll find out.

Could Have Done Without the Frothing at the Mouth
In the jungle, Kate, Sayid, Locke, and Eyepatch Guy — er, Mikhail — are making their way toward the Barracks.

  • Mikhail says, "They brought me on the submarine. Two weeks ago our underwater beacon stopped emitting its locater signal. There was an event. An electromagnetic pulse." Then he says Kate wouldn't understand because she is not on the List, and that people are not on the List if they are "flawed, angry, weak, or frightened."
  • Furthermore, his leader is not Ben, but a "him" greater than Ben.
  • Mikhail knew Locke before, but of course just when he's explaining how, Rousseau interrupts, pointing to the Stonehenge Alarm System/sonic barrier fence in the field. Really, Rousseau, couldn't it have waited one more minute?

  • Locke shoves Mikhail at the barrier, and Mikhail dies a grisly death, frothing at the mouth and gushing blood. He looks at Locke and says, "Thank you" before meeting his demise.
  • I think Locke pushed Mikhail so the others wouldn't find out whatever Mikhail knew about Locke.
  • Earlier in the episode, Locke says he didn't know the Flame hatch had been wired with C-4, claiming to not know that entering 77 would cause the place to blow. But then Sayid finds a thing of C-4 that Locke took from the hatch. All a plan to make sure Mikhail died? Discuss.
  • For a long, uncomfortable scene, Kate crotch-shimmies up the tree thing to get over the barrier. Then the men follow, but we don't have to watch them crotch-shimmy. The now-trio arrive on the edge of the Others' barrier, just in time to see this shocker: Jack playing football with his new buddy Tom!

Some Questions

  • Seriously, why is Sun not showing yet? After that 3-month hiatus they took, you'd think she'd have a bit of a bump, no?
  • If Kate's so "flawed," why was she on a "list" before, when the Others took her?
  • How did Mikhail have so much knowledge about everyone?
  • What is up with Jack being so chummy with the Others? Has he been converted or is he winning their trust so he can later use them for something?

Next week we finally find out what the deal was with Locke's past paralysis. Hopefully it will also explain why Locke's been acting like such a weirdo lately.

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suemey suemey 10 years
Oh my god you guy, Does anyone read my post!!!! tHERE WERE TWO SEPARATE LIST.... LIST NUMBER ONE: the one that ethan had, it contain all the good persons on the plain. LIST NUMBER TWO: JUST THREE NAMES, JACK, KATE AND SAWYER... why, because they need it jack to do the operation on ben's back... so they got those as bait!!!! The first list has nothing to do with the second list. Maybe just jack, i guess he was on both of those lists.
italygal italygal 10 years
thank you for mentioning the list! i was also thinking that kate was on it she just happened to escape. and i don't think her and sawyer were taken just to influence jack to operate. i think there was something last season or two seasons ago that kate was on the "good" list....does anyone remember? also i love how when christian says to claire "i'm your father" there was all this duh duh duh music in the background like we were all supposed to be shocked or something....lame!! almost as lame as izzie sleeping with george last night but that's an entirely different post for an entirely different show.
chancleta chancleta 10 years
Yah! Lost! Ok sorry...back to business. Does anyone else think Claire is soooo winey? She for real needs some cheese with the wine. She's always jumping the gun and being mean to Charlie. Ick. Re: Sun I agree with SabyBaby on Sun not showing 'cause it's not time. Re: Why was Kate on the list? I think Kate was on the list as bait. They got what they wanted: Jack. They just needed things to leverage him with. They brought Hurley as the person everyone trusts to relay the message back to the rest of the survivors. They brought Kate because of Jack's strong connection with her. And Sawyer? I think they brought Sawyer 'cause of Kate's strong connection to him. I bet they've had their eyes on Jack for some time. Especially when Ethan was killed and they realized they needed a new surgeon. Re: Mikhail. He knows lots because the other's know lots. He gets his info from Ben. The question is how does Ben know? But the best part of the episode was Kate finding Jack playing football with his captors. Love it! Need more! Yah Lost!
bugness bugness 10 years
I'm almost certain that the same "him" Mikhail talked about was the same guy who brought Juliet to the island. And yeah, only 80 days on the island, as the letter said. I think the bird was approachable, because he's a tagged bird. He's used to being handled by humans and isn't afraid of them. Also, Kate, Sawyer, and Jack were on a list because of their love triangle, I think. The others knew they could use Jack for Ben's surgery, and they could convince him to do it by using Kate and Sawyer. Personally, I miss the black smoke. I was just about to develop a theory, and then it goes out along with Mr. Eko... -Bug
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 10 years
I love Claire & Charlie! Claire's flashback episodes have been really good so far.
wynter wynter 10 years
Maggie - They've already explained why Claire got on the plane in her 3rd trimester (I think last season). Her and her boyfriend broke up, and her bf didn't want the baby. She decided to give the baby up for adoption, and she was arranged to give the baby to a family in the that's why she was on the meet them and I think to stay there until after she delivered the baby.
suemey suemey 10 years
First off all there was TWO list, the one that Ethan had and the made by (i guess) ben in order to jack operate on him. That list was the one that the black lady gives to michael. I believe jack was in both of those lists but sawyer and kate don't list one: ethan and the other who was killed by ana lucía had the first list. list two: just three names===> jack, kate and sawyer
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
My boyfriend is 50% deaf so we watch TV with the closed captioning on. Mikhail definitely said "The John Locke I knew was para-" before Rousseau cut him off.
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 10 years
I agree that last night's episode was great! I think that the "him" they are referring to is Jacob - wasn't there an episode where someone said that Ben isn't the leader, someone named Jacob is? I also agree about the whole Sun thing - it is too early for her to be showing now, another 80 days on the island and she better be showing! I still want to know if we are ever going to see Walt and Michael again!!
bhilb bhilb 10 years
I think Mikhail knew Locke was paralyzed, but it seems to me that the important question is *how* he knew that. Yes, all of the Others seem to know a lot of info about the Losties, but Mikhail said he knew Locke, not just knew info about him. I've been searching my brain trying to think if Mikhail has shown up in any flashbacks.
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
I thought last night's episode was First Season quality, too. I liked learning a little more about Claire (explains her abandonment issues), but there's a lot they left out. Like... why did she suddendly go from Goth to Goldey Locks? Why did she get on a plane when she was in her third trimester? And next week's episode looked soooooo good too! Can't wait!
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 10 years
I really enjoyed last night's episode-- I like all of the Claire flashbacks. If the show follows its pattern, Charlie won't die until his next flashback episode, which would keep him alive for at least 6 more episodes (i don't know about any of the episodes past 3.18). I think "him" refers to someone that hasn't appeared on the show yet. Did anyone else track the Lost Experience game? Mittelwerk could very likely be "him". I love that Locke's becoming a little mysterious again. Next week's ep should be good!
CannavaroLover CannavaroLover 10 years
I thought the episode was pretty good, although compared to last week's bore, anything would've been an improvement. As far as Jack playing football with Tom, my roommate and I think that he's been brainwashed by that same machine that Alex's boyfriend was hooked up to. Perhaps they are slowly turning him too. That would make for an interesting tangent. I am angry though that the show has moved away from the unexplainable story lines, like the black smoke or the polar bears and/or randomly killing people off. The sad truth is that this season and next season will be filler seasons because the writers only intended for the show to last 4 or 5 seasons tops.
katie8 katie8 10 years
Last nights episode was first season good. And I love Claire's episodes. I think Jack's dad is the "him" they are referring to. I don't think he is really dead. He kept showing up in one of Jack's episodes the same way Walt was showing up to Shannon. And he's just creepy and seems like he would be involved.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Here's why I think Mikhail knew Locke: Mikhail turned to Locke and said something like, "And of you, John Locke, I have a fleeting memory. But the Locke I knew was p--" and, yeah, I think he was going to say "paralyzed," too.
bizzyatwork bizzyatwork 10 years
Sady baby is right on the timeline here. I believe they said in the note that they had been there 80 days. Assuming that we don't know who's child Sun is carrying (Jin or her bald hotel guy), she could be as many as 80 days pregnant. In answer to you other question, "How does Mikhail know so much?" If you remember Juliet had a gigantic file on Jack and showed it to him when he was in the glass cell. I would assume that the Others have such a file on each of the survivors. Mikhail didn't, I think anyway, know Locke previously, but was rather going to reveal that he was paralyzed prior to the accident. If you rewind in your TiVo he gets a "p" sound out before he is cut off by Rousseau. As far as the puposely blowing up the communication station and killing Mikhail, the only thing that I can come up with for motivating Locke is the desire to maintain the use of his legs for as long as possible. I think this intrigue with Locke is largely intentional on the part of the show, in order to build up "The Man from Tallahassee" (next weeks episode) which promises to answer some major questions about Locke. Wow wrote waaaaaaaaaay too much. As Linda Richmond would say, "Discuss amongst yuhselves."
sashak sashak 10 years
thank you! that note thing was really silly. & how bout when Claire released it! I'm DYING to know more about Locke... he is one of my favorite characters
saby-baby saby-baby 10 years
To answer the first question. . .three months have not gone by sincee we found our about sun's pregnancy. . .we were just waiting 3 months for lost to return. . im not sure how many days its been but I think its only been 90 days since they have been on the island. . could be a bit more. Oh and on a side note, I thought this episode was great.
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