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"Lost" Episode 22: "Through The Looking Glass"

"Lost" Episode 22: "Through The Looking Glass"

If there's one thing that's consistent about "Lost", it's the ability to deliver spectacular season finales. Last night's episode was no exception to this trend, delivering 2 hours of intense action that will for sure have fans scratching their heads and scrambling to decipher until the fourth season kicks off in January.

For a full recap on all you missed (which is A LOT), check out WhiplashGirlchild's recap in the LOST fans group.
To hear my spoiler-centered thoughts, just

  • Let's start at the end - I don't even know how to pick apart the whole "flashback to the future" thing. I'm assuming that this is what Ben predicted would happen: Jack wants so badly to get off the island, but has nothing but the hospital to keep him going. It's pretty heartbreaking to watch the downfall of our beloved hero and leader, although Jack has been slowly falling apart since the first season. Also, that scraggly beard is not working for him at all.
  • Jack mentions his father more than once in his flash forwards, and while we don't see him, he definitely makes it seem like his father is still alive.
  • Here's another thought I had about the flash forwards: Since Locke seems to be having visions of some sort (i.e. Walt), perhaps he is seeing what would happen to Jack if he got off the island (not unlike the "Heroes" episode "String Theory"), and that's why he said to Jack, "You're not supposed to do this," meaning, he shouldn't get rescued. Just a thought.
  • I also wonder if, according to this flash forward, Jack never finds out that Claire is his sister. You'd think that if they knew, she could give him a little moral support.
  • I'm betting that nobody showed up for Ben's funeral and that Kate is with Sawyer now. Then again, there really could be a number of different inputs to this mysterious combination.
  • So Naomi turned out to be working for the wrong team - I totally called this! Just saying.
  • I know Charlie had to die, and I saw it coming, but I still found it to be pretty heart wrenching. I'm just glad he got to be a hero and went down in a blaze of glory.
  • I'm still not sure what to make of the visions of Walt. Especially now that Walt has gone through puberty in the off season.
  • Jack and Juliet share one of the worst kisses in TV history, not to mention it made almost no sense. And then he nonchalantly tells Kate he loves her? Since when is Jack so carefree with his emotions?
  • So is Mikhail undead or what? This is the second time he's been killed, only to come back virtually unscathed.
  • Gotta love the little snippet of pregnancy scare they throw in there for Kate and Sawyer, just to keep it soap opera-y.
  • As much as Juliet makes my skin crawl, I have to admit that her banter with Sawyer is pretty entertaining.
  • Now that so many of the Others are dead, what are the Losties going to do with the rest of them?
  • It's interesting that there were 2 scenes of almost attempted suicide in this episode, and they mirror each other. Jack finally gets off the island, doesn't know what to do with himself, considers suicide. Locke loves living on the island, but in desperate moment, doesn't know what to do with himself and considers suicide.
  • Jack's "man of science" versus Locke's "man of faith" is showcased throughout this entire episode. The interesting thing is that Ben seems to be somewhere in the middle of these two.
  • I feel the need to give Hurley a huge shout out for proving himself and saving the day, even if it was quickly overshadowed by Sayid channeling the spirit of Jack Bauer and breaking some guy's neck using only his legs.
  • At the end of the day, Ben just wants to protect the island. He and Locke have a lot more in common than they think; I'm wondering if they are going to team up against the Losties in coming seasons.

A couple of interesting tidbits from Lostpedia:

  • The first sentence of the article Jack carries around in the flash-forward seems to read, "The body of Jo.. [unreadable] ..antham of New York was.. [unreadable] ..[shor]tly after 4 a.m. in the.. [unreadable] of Grand Avenue. Ted.. [unreadable] at The Tower.. [unreadable] ..loud.. [unreadable].. loft. Co.. [unreadable] ..entered the.. [unreadable] ..a beam in the.. [unreadable].."

  • The name of the funeral parlor Jack goes to, "Hoffs/Drawlar," is an anagram for "flash forward."
  • Even though the episode ended with a moment of tainted happiness and false hope for the Losties, I feel incredibly satisfied with this finale. The hardest part will be waiting 8 months to finally get some answers!

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Join The Conversation
Nanna-Babee Nanna-Babee 9 years
I can't wait to find out how they got off the island!
kcarnohan kcarnohan 10 years
what on earth? Charlie did NOT have to die. I am sorry. He totally could have gotten out of there and lived...I thought it was heart wrenching that he left Claire and the baby.
nadioz nadioz 10 years
the final was GREAT !!! best lost episod ever, Charlie death was so sad, it was a great scene and the Ending just wow.
sweet_T23 sweet_T23 10 years
You know, I really have had fun watching Sawyer this season. It seems like he has settled into his character and he has been so funny! I love the Kate/Saywer affair and I just think deep down Sawyer is a good guy who wants to be loved. But, the thing where he killed Locke's dad was horrible and I am afraid that has changed him, possibly forever. He has been a different person since then--no longer lighthearted. And then when he killed Tom, he was so matter of fact and cold. It seems like the spark has gone from him, particularly when he was so uncaring to Kate about whether or not she is prego. I hope we get to see more of the fun Sawyer, and that he doesn't turn into a coldhearted character.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 10 years
I get that Charlie thought he had to die, but couldn't he just close the door from the outside before the grenade blew and trap the water in there? He was really starting to become one of my favorite characters! All in all though, I really enjoyed the ep, but this flash forward stuff is confusing. I was all set to believe that it was the future until Jack mentions his dad, who's supposed to be dead. Classic Lost, to keep people guessing for months on end.
loonyluna loonyluna 10 years
Do you guys really think Charlie is dead? I wouldn't think they would really kill off his character. We didn't actually see him die, so I still think he's going to make it.
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 10 years
I think Jack mentions his father alot because he is in a lot of pain, also Jack is whacked out on drugs like Oxycontin and stuff so he cries and cries. Poor thing.
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 10 years
Yes the finale episode was good but I think that overall Lost has lost its power. This season was really bad in terms of individual episodes. The only other episode I enjoyed was the one with Paolo and his girlfriend when they were buried alive.
bethiesny bethiesny 10 years
When Jack went to the funeral home, it was in a black neighborhood. Could that mean that the person who died was black? Michael or Walt? Just a thought...
brazilnut brazilnut 10 years
The newspaper clipping alluded to the fact that the mystery man died in New York City. Is that where Jack lived before the plane crash? I can't remember!? Otherwise, how was it so easy for him to go to the viewing?
Classy-Amelia Classy-Amelia 10 years
The season finale was brilliant. Charlie died, helping others and I suspected Locke wasn't really dead. He died heroically. I wonder who's the funeral for. I love the little future scene, but heartbreaking that Jack wants to crash because he isn't happy. Mikhail never seems to die. It sucks that it will be months till Lost come back on TV.
GirlC GirlC 10 years
Ashlyn Rose - I asked in the Lost Forum if Naomi is employed by Penny's dad. What do you think?
sashak sashak 10 years
so... I don't really think Ben is all that bad *duck* his whole life is the island & he'll do anything for it. yeah, he is a shit & has done some not so nice things and all, but I dunno... stupid Jack should have listened to Ben & Locke ggrr sometimes I want to slap him! I LOVED Juliet & Sawyer's banter. that was funny as hell!
Diana-E Diana-E 10 years
By far the best episode of the show since the pilot. I'd be hard pressed to find anything negative to say(aside from being slightly confused as to where Jack's heart lies). Who would have thought that Sawyer and Juliet would make a ridiculously entertaining odd couple? The win the prize for my favourite exchange of the night: Sawyer, 'so you screwing Jack yet?' Juliet, 'no...are you?' I don't understand how you can't love Juliet. I think over the course of the season the writers have created a character so flawed and entertaining that she gives Kate a run for her money. Plus she's been on her A-game lately with the snark.
luckybelle luckybelle 10 years
It's amazing how throughout the season the episodes are mediocre, but the finale always delivers! LOVE IT! Buzz - Don't worry I LOVED it when Jack beat the poo out of Ben. I wish he would have just killed him, but then I guess that would mess the show up! And...that most definitely was the weirdest TV kiss between Jake and Juliet! If Naomi's crew were bad then that may not be how they get off the island, so the flash forwards could mean something totally different. Oh, and in last week's eppy (I think it was) when they show Ben meeting Richard Alpert for the first in the heck does Ben rise to the top and become the leader!?? I HATE BEN! This show is so ridic, but I can't get enough of it. January seems light years away! :(
Ashlyn-Rose Ashlyn-Rose 10 years
Although I grew to love Tom Friendly, I was soooo happy when Sawyer shot him. Finally, someone has enough sense to kill the bad guy right away! After seeing Lostpedia's info, is it "the body of Jo[hn Locke]?" I seriously hope that wasn't a definite flash of the future. If so, then we know that Jack and Kate cannot die. Part of the fun of the show is that no one is safe from being killed off! If Naomi isn't employed by Penny, how did she get the picture of Penny and Desmond?
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Oh, and speaking of being sick of Ben being so cryptic: I was incredibly, disgustingly satisfied when Jack beat the crap out of Ben. I'm not a total sicko... but it did feel like justice was served for a minute!
GirlC GirlC 10 years
Double post - sorry!
GirlC GirlC 10 years
Oh yeah the beer scene was great. Warm beer - yuck! Yeah PRSugar - I think Naomi may be with the original Dharma/Hanso - I just wish Ben would've actually said who she was rather than be cryptic.
Beth1122 Beth1122 10 years
I can't stop thinking about the possibility that time moves slower on the island, I think Buzz suggested that in last week's recap....besides, in the eppy where we see Ben's childhood, Richard is the same age then as he is now. IF the island is some sort of time warp or something, then that would explain why he didn't age....
GirlC GirlC 10 years
Oh yeah the beer scene was great. Warm beer - yuck! Yeah PRSugar - I think Naomi may be with the original Dharma/Hanso - I just wish Ben would've actually said who she was rather than be cryptic.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
GirlC — I totally agree. I was shouting at the TV when Locke pulled the gun on Jack and was just like, "Don't do it, Jack." It seemed like he had ample opportunity to explain WHY he didn't want Jack to use the radio/phone thingy! I was like, just EXPLAIN yourself already. I know Jack said something like, "I know you don't want to leave the island but I do," but there was more to Locke's motivation than just that, if he would just explain himself... sigh. I guess if there were answers to questions it wouldn't be "Lost." :)
sashak sashak 10 years
how cute is Hurley w/ his hippie bus!? Oh, I LOVED that! AND Sawyer drinking a warm Ben's-dad's Dharma beer! :ROTFL:
Gruberr1 Gruberr1 10 years
Does anyone think Naomi is with the original Dharma/Hanso people? I think that is what she is doing.
GirlC GirlC 10 years
Why doesn't Ben just say who Naomi is/was and what exactly are the bad guys are??? I hate how they dance around and there's never a direct question asked or answer given.
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