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Lost Episode Eight: "LaFleur"

Lost Episode Eight: "LaFleur"

This just might be my favorite kind of Lost episode — all Sawyer, all the time. We get to find out what the heck went on on the island while the Oceanic Six were on the mainland, doing their respective things. So the story of Miles, Juliet, Faraday and Sawyer continues and we meet a few more Dharma Initiative people (Dharmites? Dharmaheads?).

As is the case every week, I'm just trying to process everything now, in the harsh post-Lost morning light. After the jump I'm trying to divide up what goes on in the show during the "Three Years Earlier" sections and what happens during the "Three Years Later" sections. To take a look and share your thoughts,


First off, before that "final" flash that lands the group on the island in 1974, they find themselves in a time/place where there's a giant statue. Probably safe to say this will tie into the four-toed statue that we've glimpsed before and that the show creators have promised to bring back somehow. And now, the headaches and nosebleeds have stopped — Juliet thinks it's over, "John did it."

Three Years Earlier — 1974

  • Faraday is despondent over Charlotte's death, and he confirms that "Wherever we are — whenever we are now — we're here for good." Later on, in a sweet/sad moment he sees a little redheaded child that he thinks is Charlotte.
  • We meet some Dharma folks, primarily Amy (whose husband Paul is killed by two Others, before the two Others are killed by Sawyer and Juliet), and Horace. Amy leads the group through the "sonic fence" — they all collapse and Amy goes through unharmed, taking out earplugs.
  • Sawyer wakes up on a couch with Horace watching him (this exact interaction will be replayed later but in reverse, with Horace waking up hungover and Sawyer watching him). Sawyer lies to Horace, calling himself Mr. LaFleur ("It's Creole, I improvised") and saying he was on a salvage vessel, "looking for a famous lost wreck. It's an old slaver, out of Portsmouth, England, called the Black Rock." Horace instructs Sawyer to get on the submarine leaving in the morning for Tahiti because only Dharma Initiaive people can stay and Sawyer is "not Dharma material."
  • I enjoy a good voice of reason every once in a while on this show, like when Miles wonders about the sub to Tahiti: "How is that bad news?" Of course, Sawyer follows up with a classic name-calling: "Hold your horses, Bonsai, no one's getting on a sub."
  • Richard Alpert shows up and tells Horace that the fence "may keep other things out but not us. The only thing that does keep us out, Horace, is our truce, which you've now broken." Horace says a bunch of Dharma stuff to his "people," like "Call the Arrow. Tell them we're at Condition One. Take the heavy ordinance. And make sure the fence is at maximum." Sawyer goes out and talks to Alpert (or, haha, "your buddy out there with the eyeliner"), who says he still needs some kind of justice for his two men who were killed. Also, he wants the body of Amy's husband. Amy agrees to let him have it, though she takes an ankh necklace from Paul first.
  • Horace softens a bit toward Sawyer, saying he can stay two weeks, look for the rest of his people and wait for the sub to return. Juliet wants to leave on the next sub, but Sawyer convinces her to stay the two weeks with him. Awww, so ridiculously cute when he asks her "Who's gonna get my back?" I love the Sawyer-Juliet pair-up.

Three Years Later — 1977

  • It was driving me insane trying to figure out where I know Phil from, the Dharma guy with the eyebrows who busts in on the other guy, Jerry, and the girl, Rosie, dancing. I finally got it: The actor is Patrick Fischler, and he plays Jimmy Barrett on Mad Men. Man, that drove me nuts.
  • Also, I got a kick out of this thing on Lostpedia about the possible connection between the characters of Phil, Jerry and Rosie and the Grateful Dead.
  • Anywho, "now" (in 1977), Horace and Amy are having a baby together, though they get into a fight about Paul when Horace finds the ankh necklace and Horace gets fall-down drunk — just in time for Amy to go into labor.
  • And now Sawyer — oh, excuse me, Mr. LaFleur — appears to be a leader within the Dharma folks. Miles even calls him "Boss!" Miles, Jin and Sawyer are all seen wearing those Dharma coveralls, and both Sawyer and Jin have now driven around in those new-looking Dharma vans.
  • Sawyer with glasses or without glasses? Discuss.
  • Though resistant to the idea at first (with very good reason, I'd say), Juliet ends up performing a C-section and, to her surprise and relief, both Amy and her new baby boy survive just fine.
  • Later, Sawyer nearly kills me with adorableness when he goes to Juliet's with a flower and tells her she was amazing. They are all schmoopy-lovey-dovey — even trading "I love you"s.
  • And anyone who ever learned what "foreshadowing" meant probably saw the Kate-Sawyer reunion coming a mile away during Sawyer's little speech to Horace about whether three years is long enough to get over someone:

    I had a thing for a girl once. And I had a shot at her. But I didn't take it. And for a little while I'd lay in bed every night wondering if it was a mistake. Wondering if I'd ever stop thinking about her. But now I can barely remember what she looks like. Her face is . . . she's just gone, and she ain't never coming back. So. Is three years long enough to get over someone? Absolutely.

  • Soon after, Sawyer gets the call about Jin finding Hurley, Jack, and that girl he's so over, Kate. They all meet up in "the North Valley."

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