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Lost Episode Five: "This Place Is Death"

Lost Episode Five: "This Place Is Death"

This week's episode of Lost felt a bit like one long setting up of the next episode — even ending with the line, "Alright, let's get started." But! We also got confirmation on several of the theories and assumptions that Lost viewers have been buzzing about for a few weeks, like the truth about Charlotte's past and who Eloise Hawking is. And still, in keeping with the other episodes we've seen thus far in the season, it's another solid hour of Lost deliciousness.

Everything else is pretty much a spoiler, though, so if you've seen the episode and want to chat about it,


  • Smokey's back! The smoke monster appears in one of Jin's "times" with Rousseau and her science team. He steals one of their guys (but not before his arm gets ripped off) and when others go to help him, Jin makes Rousseau stay behind because of her baby ("Alexandra!"). But later Jin sees Rousseau holding Robert, her baby's father, at gunpoint and accusing him of not being really him (infected with the sickness). Just as she did to Sayid in season one, Rousseau removed the firing pin from Robert's gun before shooting him. In fact, in that first season episode, Rousseau tells Sayid that Robert never noticed his firing pin gone, either. Aaaaah, I feel the need to go back and watch all of Rousseau's episodes.
  • Jin's having a rough time of it with all the time-shifting but luckily he runs into Sawyer and Locke and all them. Cute little Sawyer-Jin hug there. I like the brief moments of joy on this show.
  • We see little Ji Yeon for a moment in the beginning when Sun talks to her on the phone before pulling her gun on Ben. Here's something I think would be cool: A flash-forward of some sort, someday, in which we see Ji Yeon as a young adult. I bet there are some cool storylines they could get out of older Ji Yeon, and older Aaron.
  • Poor, poor Charlotte. I feel for her — and for Faraday — though admittedly her face creeps me out big time. In this episode, especially, she's got a spooky look to her. She confirms a theory that's been kicked about quite a bit recently: She spent years on the island as a child with the Dharma Initiative. She moved away with her mom and never saw her dad again. And this is why she became an anthropologist — to find the island. Also, there was a scary, crazy man who told her she'd die if she came back to the island. . . and she thinks Faraday was that man.
  • She quietly passes away with sweet little Faraday by her side, but not before shrieking at Jin to not let Sun come back — "This place is death."
  • I wonder who Charlotte's father is?
  • Ha! Ben to Sun: "Why don't you put down the gun? No one wants it to go off." Hmm, "no one"?
  • Sayid leaves the other O-6ers, promising "if I see you or him again it will be extremely unpleasant for all of us."
  • Jack says he's sorry for leaving Jin behind and tries to assure Sun that he's not really aligned with Ben either. Then Ben snaps! "What I'm doing is helping you. And if you had any idea what I've had to do to keep you safe, to keep your friends safe, you'd never stop thanking me." Interesting. . .
  • All these noses bleeding all over the place, Sawyer's included — but not Jin's or Locke's. Locke tries to explain to Jin that he wants Sun to come back to the island, that she "never should have left," but when they reach the well at the Orchid station, Jin makes Locke promise not to bring Sun back. He tells him to lie and say he's dead, and hands Locke his wedding ring to give her as proof.
  • Time shifty thing happens and Locke falls to bottom of well, injuring himself. There he encounters Christian Shephard, Jack's dad. Christian chastises Locke for having Ben turn the giant wheel when Locke was supposed to. Now the wheel is off it's axis and "all you have to do is give it a little push." He instructs Locke to find Eloise Hawking and get the Oceanic Six — all of them. And he tells Locke to say hello to his son ("Who's your son?").
  • Locke: "Richard said I was going to die."
    Christian: "Well, I suppose that's why they call it a sacrifice."
  • I know this is probably old news, but the van Ben's driving says "Canton-Rainier" on the side, an anagram for "reincarnation."
  • Jin's plan doesn't work so well, now that Ben has handed Sun the wedding ring and explained everything. Now Sun agrees to go with Ben, and then Desmond shows up, looking for Faraday's mother, Eloise Hawking.
  • Final words, setting us up for next week:
    Eloise: "I thought I said all of them."
    Ben: "This is all I could get on short notice."
    Eloise: "Well, I suppose it'll have to do for now. All right, let's get started."

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