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Now that the fifth season of Lost is officially over and we're coming down from the excitement of this week's finale, I've been thinking about how this season's final scene (code-named "The Fork in the Outlet") stacks up against the four that came before it. There's an especially crazy/intense/surprising final scene each season, and each of these final scenes has a specific code name. Which season do you think has had the best?

To refresh your memory on what each final scene entailed (obviously there are spoilers ahead if you have not seen these finales) and talk about your favorites,


To jog my memory, I looked up the synopses of the final scenes over at Lostpedia.

Season One: Code-named "The Bagel," this final scene shows Walt being abducted by Tom and the Others.

Season Two: Code-named "The Challah," this scene has "Henrik and Mathias in the listening station, at a desolate, snow-blanketed location. Upon receiving a computer notification of the detection of some sort of electromagnetic anomaly, they phoned Penelope Widmore to tell her that they had 'found it.'"

Season Three: Code-named "The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox" (or just "The Snake in the Mailbox"), we see a drunk and depressed (and bearded) Jack meeting with Kate and telling her that they have to go back to the Island. This is also the scene in which Kate mentions something about "him" wondering where she is (this turns out to be Aaron, but we didn't know that at the time!). And the scene reveals, "that the episode's flashes have actually been flash-forwards, as opposed to flashbacks."

Season Four: Code-named "The Frozen Donkey Wheel," this scene shows that the body in the coffin is Locke's.

Season Five: Code-named (by a fan) "The Fork in the Outlet," this final scene features a desperate Juliet using a rock to repeatedly beat (eight times) the core of the hydrogen bomb until it presumably detonates and the screen goes to white.

I think my fave was the one from season two ("The Challah"). I do believe I was shrieking at the time.


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