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"Lost" Fans: Your Libby Questions Will Be Answered Next Season

Firstly, a million thanks are in order for reader Phasekitty whose blog coverage of Comic-Con this weekend is incredibly thorough, detailed and spectacular for those of us dying for the dirt but unable to be there. She is kindly letting us post her reports on Buzz, so thank you, Phasekitty!

Now, for the juicy bits Phasekitty learned from Carleton Cuse and Damon Lindelof about the next season of "Lost"!

  • Phasekitty writes, "We will get more of Libby's story this year. Lindelof said that we would be very happy with it and indicated that she might have been involved with Dharma." Yes! They must have heard all of your comments on Buzz saying how much you need to find out more about Libby's story!

So much more great stuff, so

  • "Lindelof nodded emphatically when someone asked if Jack and Claire would learn they were related this season." I'd hoped for this and sort of expected it for next season, so it's good to know that's confirmed.
  • "Already confirmed at the TCAs, they spoke about Michael's return. Feeling bad about spilling the beans before Comic-Con, they brought out Harold Perrineau to join them on the panel as a treat for us. Although they did not disclose how or when Michael would be returning, they said he would be a series regular, and that his story is one of the most compelling."
  • "Kate and Jack's flash forward in the season finale is not where the series will end. In this answer, they indicated that there may be a handful of episodes, or even a season that takes place off the island. The show is not about 'getting off the island,' they said, the question is who gets off." I love that.
  • "Someone asked a really great question which was 'What are the questions we should be asking?' To this, Lindelof, Cuse, and Perrineau came up with a slew of questions that they would not answer, including: Who are the skeletons from season one? Are Paolo and Nikki really dead? Who's in the coffin?"
  • "Cuse said we shouldn't be concerned with what the monster is, but more like who made it (which he quickly took back by following up with, 'if it was even made by someone'...smooth!) and what it does." Ha! Nice cover, Cuse!

Several more exciting tidbits — including a description of a Dharma video that was screened! — if you check out Phasekitty's blog post.


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