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Lost Producers Answer Questions From the Lost Cast

If you think you're befuddled about all the many mysteries and puzzles presented in Lost, try being a cast member of the show! In the latest issue of TV Guide, the main cast members get to ask showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof their burning questions about the show, and it's interesting to see what each actor is most curious to know about.

I figured the actors would ask questions specific to their own characters, but this isn't always the case. Some of them are just generally interested in the same questions we ask each other here in the Lost posts every week. For example, Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun, asks a question about the Oceanic Six that's been front and center in my own mind. Of course, Cuse and Lindelof deflect the really pressing questions, but still, there are some gems of information in this article. Also, one of the ways they deflect is by telling us in which episodes we'll get certain answers (the March 20th episode will bring us answers about Michael, for example).

To see a few of the questions and answers from Cuse and Lindelof that I found most intriguing,


  • Jorge Garcia (Hurley) asks if Ben is in the coffin that Jack sees when he attends the funeral in the flash forward. Of course, we don't get an answer to this question besides "Before the end of the year, you will know who's in the coffin."
  • Yunjin Kim (Sun) asks my burning question: "Is Aaron actually one of the Oceanic 6?" to which we get another non-answer, but the assurance that "Who the actual six are is very much in play through the end of the [March 13th] episode. We'll confirm or deny after that."
  • Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond): "It's 2004 on the boat. What year is it in Penny's world? What year is it when the Oceanic 6 get home?" There's more avoidance with this answer, though Carlton Cuse mentions, "There are some growth issues when you go on or off the island. But I can't say more about that."
  • According to Damon Lindelof, in response to a question posed by Josh Holloway (Sawyer), "we haven't seen the last of Sawyer and Kate this season. Not by a long shot."
  • And here's my favorite gem: Henry Ian Cusick asks, "Did Jack's flash-forward in the third-season finale take place after the events of Sayid's most-recent episode?"
    Cuse and Lindelof: "Yes."

For more from the producers/cast Q&A — including Holloway's request for a damn haircut — click here.

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