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"Lost" Producers Promise Not to End Like "The Sopranos"

"Lost" Producers Promise Not to End Like "The Sopranos"

After "The Sopranos" ended the series on Sunday night with a black screen, "Lost" producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have sworn not to do that when "Lost" finally wraps up in 2010. Without revealing much further about their own finale, they did promise that they "will not be ending with a blackout."

This was discussed at the annual Promax/BDA conference, along with these other tidbits:

  • The writers have fleshed out a plan for the final three seasons.
  • "I'm not sure there is any ending that will satisfy everyone," Cuse said. "Our hope is that the ending will be... the logical conclusion of the story."
  • Apparently, the first season was about the plane crash and the survivors of Oceanic 815, the second season was about the hatch, and the third season was about the Others. No hints about the fourth season's theme were revealed.

Three more points if you

  • Because the next season of "Lost" will not resume until 2008, the producers are having "mobisodes" made for this fall, but they're rolling them out via Verizon Wireless which just seems sneaky and cruel to me. The assumption is that they will ultimately make their way to, but still. I don't have Verizon!
  • "Cuse said the mobisodes, about 90 seconds each, will give hardcore 'Lost' viewers more information that they probably weren't going to get through the show itself."
  • The producers admitted that making peripheral characters Nikki and Paolo into more important characters was a mistake. Apparently, they did that because viewers were wondering why they were concentrating so much on the core characters and none of the "extras." "They said they realized almost immediately that adding Nikki and Paulo was a mistake, even before the viewer outcry...[and] they were concerned about how they fit into the story. 'We buried them alive,' Cuse said of Nikki and Paulo. 'OK, you guys don't like Nikki and Paulo, there.'" Yikes!

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Join The Conversation
Spilltojill Spilltojill 10 years
I love LOST - hooked isn't the word...glad they will give us closure when the time comes!
Pokemyhontas Pokemyhontas 10 years
This show "LOST" me two seasons ago.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
I'm nervous as hell about the ending of Lost, even though it's years away. They've built up so many mysteries that I can't imagine a resolution that wouldn't piss me off. The smoke monster is a government-created nanobot entity? LAME. They're all in purgatory, or hell? LAME They were all abducted by aliens and this is just an experiment to observe Earthlings in stressful situations? LAME A government plot? LAME Never finding out what the hell is going on? Less lame, but UNSATISFYING.
chancleta chancleta 10 years
verizon? COMMUNIST! it better be on youtube shortly after!
BeautifyMyLife BeautifyMyLife 10 years
I can't believe we have to wait until 2008. And it's good that the producers are well aware of the backlash they'll hear if they screw up the ending of the show. You can't make everyone happy, but at least they're trying.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
yea! love lost and can't wait for the little snippets. i saw a trailer for a movie with matthew fox called "vantage point" where he plays a secret service agent :KISS:
Littlelovebee Littlelovebee 10 years
I must agree, boo on the verizon!! There are non verizon hardcore fans too!
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