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Lost Recap Episode 7: "Ji Yeon"

Lost Episode 7: "Ji Yeon"

So, with this week's episode of Lost, I started out all excited that we got another Sun episode (yay!). Then there was that part with Juliet that made me scream at the TV. Then the thing happened with the person with the chains (I mean . . . what?!). Toward the end I realized that they'd been totally messing with us, time-wise and then it ended with. . . wait for it . . . an emotional sock to the gut. I'm still reeling from this.

Did you have a rollercoaster evening as well? For a full rundown of the details from this week's episode, check out SweetPeasMom's recap. For some of my thoughts and to share your own (spoilers ahead),


  • I have to talk about the time stuff first. Making us think both Jin and Sun were a part of the Oceanic Six — I was racing to figure out what that panda signified — was nothing short of awesome. Did anyone else curse out the TV upon figuring this out, but also kind of smile? Well played, Lost.
  • And I thought I was so smug when I figured out that hers were flash-forwards before they even said Oceanic Six. I do have to say, though, I took note of how old and clunky Jin's cell phone seemed.
  • Also: Yay, Sun is one of the Oceanic Six!
  • I love that Desmond can't seem to button up his shirt. I'm not being snarky here, I really do love that.
  • My favorite line: "Don't worry, everyone loves a panda." — toy store clerk, after inquiring about whether it's a boy or girl.
  • All my newfound affection for Juliet from last week's episode is out the window. I don't care how good her intentions are, that is a low blow with telling Jin about the affair. When Sun is getting the prenatal vitamins, Juliet says, "After everything you confided in me, I should at least have your trust." Well, now she's proven that she'll promptly abuse that trust. Do you think her intentions justified her actions?
  • Also, this was great:
    Juliet: "Translate for me."
    Sun: "No."
  • Why does Kate have to be such a snot-nosed tattletale? "I'm going to have to tell Jack." Seriously?
  • OK, a woman drapes herself in chains and jumps off the side of the ship.
    And . . . I stopped breathing for a minute.

  • I love it when Bernard pops up to say some good-natured things. Who else would you want to go fishing with just after learning of your wife's affair? I think his karma talk is going to prove significant. "See, it's all about karma, Jin. You make bad choices, bad things happen to you, you make good choice, good —" Jin catches a fish. "See that? Now, that's karma. We must be the good guys."
  • So, this is Charles Widmore's boat, and the captain is determined to find Ben who is responsible for faking the recovery of Flight 815.
  • With all this other stuff going on, I'm glad it was who we all expected on the boat (Michael) and not someone else in a big twist.
  • "So I forgive you." I thought that Desmond-Penny episode wrung me out, but no. More tears. More tears!
  • Awww! Ji Yeon is born!
  • Hurley — in a suit!
  • Jin's tombstone states the day he died is the day of the crash, September 22, 2004. As Lostpedia points out, "This implies that the Oceanic 6 have told the world that he died in the crash," and brings up questions about the true circumstances of his real death.

What do you think about this week's Lost? Are you going to need a mental health day like I do?

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MSucre MSucre 9 years
Oh I forgot... you guys have all seen the end already. i'm still tugging along. I'm watching from France...delay!
MSucre MSucre 9 years
Doesn't Aaron count as an Oceanic 6? Aaron was recovered by Kate apparently...
MSucre MSucre 9 years
Anyone else notice that in 2 ABC series: Grey's Anatomy and LOST the doctors have the same name. 1. Dr. Derek Shepard --- Dr. Jack Shepard 2. Dr. (i dont remember, Christina's ex) Burke --- Dr. Juliette Burke. Cant they come up with other names? weird....
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
The person who died is probably not an Oceanic Six but someone they know that's connected to the island.
Ikandy Ikandy 9 years
@greentea, i agree, i think ben took juliet (bcuz shes his lol) and eventually she dies... That would explain kate saying "Why would I go to the funeral?" to Jack in "through the looking glass". And the reason he was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo shook up by the death... Man...Ben gets creepier and more evil every episode!!!!!!!! I love it.
litbear221 litbear221 9 years
Good job, tamyvinec!!!! Omg that makes so much more sense now about hwy she jumped off the boat!!! I saw the title of the book on Lostpedia but didnt realize that was what it was about!!!
avocado_seed avocado_seed 9 years
If the people on the boat knew about Kate and her past.. wouldn't they know about Michael as well?
jadenirvana jadenirvana 9 years
PhaseKitty-Love the Jin theory! Never crossed my mind and I am going to go with it for the sake of my own sanity. Seeing a reunion between that family would be the most moving thing since the Rose and Bernard reunion. As for hating Juliet, I really have to disagree here, ladies. Her intentions were good, and in addition to saving Sun's life (no small feat) Juliet did Sun a HUGE favor. If Jin IS dead, Juliet made it possible for Sun and Jin to have a last moment, free of the lies and childish deceit that have plagued Sun's character throughout the whole show, where Jin truly saw Sun as she was-no illusions or smoke screens-and told her that he forgave her for what she did and loved her anyway. Considering the pre-island Jin, this is a miracle Sun could never have even imagined if it wasn't for Juliet. If Jin did go to his grave, Juliet made it possible for them to part with a truly genuine, whole love and no secrets or conditions between them. So I think it was a million times better than if Sun had spent the rest of her life hiding what she did from Jin, assuming he would leave her if he knew.
star-gazer star-gazer 9 years
not a juliet fan, never have been, and after lasts nights epi...doubt i ever will be! didnt see the flashback/flashforward coming. loved it! this will go down as one of my favorite epis of all times. i love this show!
tamyvinec tamyvinec 9 years
LOOK IN LOSTPEDIA The Survivors of the Chancellor: The book Regina is reading upside down is this novel by Jules Verne about the last voyage of the British ship Chancellor. In the novel, at the beginning of its voyage, the Chancellor carried eight passengers and twenty crew members. By the end, only eleven people (five passengers and six crew) remained alive. In the novel, several characters commit suicide, at least one of them by jumping off of the raft and into the water. DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!
tamyvinec tamyvinec 9 years
Oh I about Juliet ... I was expecting Sun more than a slap damn it I wanted Sun to beat her so much but let's face it ... it's not Sun's style and she's preggers !
tamyvinec tamyvinec 9 years
Argh I just wrote so many words incorrectly ... sorry ... the emotion of last night episode is still here :)
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
I have a question: We know the headstone is the family headstone so Sun is on one side (3/20/80 - ) and Jin on the other (11/27/74 - 9/22/04) but does anyone know or has anyone seen a translation of the characters in the middle. I'd be interested to see how it actually reads. Possibly that could be a clue as to what is up with Jin (dead or alive)?
tamyvinec tamyvinec 9 years
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WHAT AN EPISODE!!! I lvoe it how it makes everybody talks!!! 1. Juliet what a b*tch she could have just said what happen to pregnant women ! NEVER NEVER COULD I FORGIVE HER! 2. I knew there was something with the year of the dragon but I never thought there were doing a flashback and flashfoward ... wow ... So sad when you understand this!!! When you realize Sun was calling for Jin but ... he's not there anymore :( 3. Jin's grave. 2004???? Hummm I liked reading all your theories but I think it's something MUCH MORE BIGGER. I mean so many things changes in the future. Jake is obviously not depressed just after leaving the island when we saw him at Kate's trial. Something happens next, not on the island. I would like to know when Sun's flashfoward happens compared to the others flashfowards. 4. MICHAELLLLLLLLLL even though we knew it could only be him I am so happy to see him ! BUT WHERE IS WALTTTTTTTTT!!!!!???????? 5. I am sure there are some growth issues when you are/approach/leave the island. So many things can be explain with that theory. 6. HELLO SUPER CAPTAIN ! Damn it Lost boys are yummy!!! 7. regina and the chain ... WHAT ?? Nobody tries to save her ... hummm seems habitual for them ... I am sure we will see some flashblack of all the crew of this boat !! 8. Next week, we see claire in the trailer ... something will happen concerning Claire/the baby. I think it will be pretty tough to see Claire dying. They can't do this so simply. So who whill die ? Locke ? Noooo he has so much things to discovers with the island, no way !!!! He will never leave it until he discoveres all the secrets. Whoever dies, PLEASE DON'T KILL SAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kitten6500 kitten6500 9 years
So I don't think Jin is dead. I think he is working for Ben in some way just like Sayid. I think Jin had to fake his death and work for Ben in order to get Sun off the island. He (Jin) says he'll do anything to make that happen...
brookrene brookrene 9 years
Whoops, just saw the other post on my above question.
brookrene brookrene 9 years
Could they be considering Michael as one of the Oceanic 6?
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 9 years
According to my own theory, it's 1996 on the island :) It's 2004 on the freighter.
kiddylnd kiddylnd 9 years
It's 2004 on the was '96 in Desmonds 'travels'.
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 9 years
Maybe I'm wrong but I think Jin forgave Sun so quickly because he already knew deep down inside about the affair.. he practically killed the guy, didn't he?? He just doesn't know or understand that he can't have children and that the baby is not his, hence his asking if it is his child at one point in this episode. Jin isn't dead.. I think that's part of the staged wreckage. I think that's pretty obvious at this point unless I'm missing something! I'm thinking that he made sure Sun got off the island and is still there, hence not being one of the O6. Sun is visiting the grave because it's the only connection to him that she has.. she's waiting for Jack to go back to the island and get Jin & the others.. assuming they can time travel without getting the "crazies".. they all need constants I think. Ahhh, it's easy to think about these things but writing it is hard! It's 1996 on the island now, so anything is possible!
amers230 amers230 9 years
-i'm still not on the "hating juliet" bandwagon. what she did was shady and bitchy but i don't think she was acting out of malice, i think she was trying to do what was best for sun and her baby. also, maybe worse stuff happens than what we already know. can't think of what but there's still a ton of stuff we don't know about the island. also, my mom is under the impression for some reason that juliet ends up being an assassin for ben, like sayid. i don't know if she read something about that, or if she misinterpreted the trailor for last weeks episode, but she's convinced. anyone know anything about that? -that's interesting about michael being one of the 6. i still think it's him in the coffin, didn't the article jack read about him mention the person in the coffin having a teenaged son? -LOVE desmond's shirt. brotha doesn't need to button a thing :)
JessNess JessNess 9 years
I don't think that Michael is 6. He was already off the island and known to the people on the boat by another name. My question is where is Walt. I think that the 6th will probably be Claire
luv2blazy luv2blazy 9 years
Could Michael be the six?? He could be the one in the coffin that Kate wouldn't care about. He was on the flight even though we haven't seen him in a while. Also, didn't Hurrley say lets go introduce the baby to Jin, that makes me think he might be dead.
greentea14 greentea14 9 years
oh wait wait, I just get it till now after reading all of the commetns that the episode was a combination of flashforwards and flashbacks, which totally explains Jin's cellphone. and how did Ben get off the island ?? maybe he took Juliette with him and then she dies, or he killed her because she couldn't help having an affair with Jack. Then that was the funeral he was going to and as she wasn't part of the oceanic 815 or a VERY important doctor yet so the obituary on the paper was small. I just thought about this right now, so maybe it's not absolutely possible :)
Alleigh Alleigh 9 years
I'm confused by the wreckage they found (that Ben placed there) and "identified" all 300+ passengers. IF they really did identify them then they would know that they weren't really the people aboard Oceanic 815. I mean don't they use dental records and such? And you are right that it was never revealed that the person that died was one of The 6, but in order for both Jack and Kate to know the person that well wouldn't it have to be?
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