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"Lost" Recap: Episode 7, "Not In Portland"

"Lost" Recap: Episode 7, "Not In Portland"

This week’s episode of “Lost” was not outrageous or insane, but it did progress the action and we learned some things. That’s better than nothing, which is what we’d gotten used to for those three silent months. Like any desperately devoted fan, I'll take what I can get. Check out the recap and then tell me what you thought.

Think About Your Life

Sawyer and Kate escape from the bad guys who were about to kill Sawyer, and Sawyer beats the guy’s head in a bit, just for good measure. Running along the shore, Kate walkie-talkies Jack and says they need a boat. Just then the walkie-talkie is shot out of her hand, and a jungle chase scene ensues. One of the men has an excellent shot of Kate; in the nick of time, Alex saves her with her slingshot.

For the rest of my recap (alert: spoilers ahead!),

Alex says she has a boat they can use, but they have to save her boyfriend, Carl, first. She leads Kate and Sawyer to what looks like a shanty with a porch. Carl has been strapped to a chair in some kind of brainwashing room. (Watch the scene here!) Specifically, the images I saw were: quarters, CDs, a keyboard, girls’ faces, the moon, insects/bees, fish, a nest, a plate of noodles and, as they are leaving with Carl, fireworks. The words that flash are: “Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit.”
“We are the causes of our own suffering.”
“Everything changes.”
“God loves you as He loved Jacob.”
And finally: “Think about your life.”

Also, it turns out Alex is Ben’s daughter!

Sawyer, Kate, Alex, and Carl are getting ready to jump on the boat when crazy Danny shows up with his gun, all about to kill Sawyer. Just then, Juliet appears and shoots Danny twice in the chest. She gives Kate the walkie-talkie so she can tell Jack the story he told her: One time when he was afraid, he counted to 5 and the fear went away and then he was a hero. Jack tells Kate to never return for him and then he cuts off the call.

Juliet makes Alex stay on that island, but lets Kate and Sawyer leave with Carl. Sawyer and Kate paddle their little hearts out, heading back to their original crash site island.

"After the Sky Went Purple…"

In the operating room, things have gotten a little tense ever since Jack said he’d let Ben die on the table unless Kate and Sawyer get to go back to their camp. Juliet, however, isn’t buying it and tells her colleague to find Kate and Sawyer and bring them back, and to kill them if necessary. Juliet informs Jack that they are on a separate island from the one all of his other “Lost” buddies are on. Furious, Jack tells Tom that Juliet asked him to kill Ben on the table and make it look like an accident. She denies it, but leaves the room when Tom asks her to, saying, “Don’t let him fool you, he’ll never let a patient ‘just die.’”

Somehow, Ben wakes up and has heard Jack and Tom talking. For a guy in the middle of a crazy surgery, he’s pretty damn lucid. He’s heard all about Juliet’s plan to let him die and says he should have seen it coming. He asks to speak to Juliet alone. Jack and Tom go up to the observation room, where they watch Juliet talking to Ben. Juliet seems to be crying when Tom tells Jack, “They’ve got history.” Juliet then tells Jack to go finish the surgery because she’s going to go help his friends escape.

Jack continues the surgery and asks Tom why they don’t just bring Ben to a facility. Tom starts to reply, “Well, after the sky turned purple ..." But before he can finish, Jack accidentally nicks an artery and blood spurts. He and Tom work together and Ben stabilizes.

As Ben rests, tumor-free, Jack wonders if he’s supposed to go back to his cell and Juliet responds, “Until they figure out what to do with you.” Jack asks what Ben said to her that made her want to save his life. Juliet says she’s been on the island for 3 years, and Ben promised that if she got Jack to continue the operation, she could go home.

Ethics, Shmethics

In Juliet’s flashbacks we get to see a softer side of Juliet, the person she was before she became kind of a bitch. Living in Miami, she had a sister on whom she was doing fertility experiments. As a doctor, Juliet had done crazy stuff, like impregnating a male mouse. “He didn’t carry to term,” she says when asked about it, smiling shyly and blushing like a schoolgirl.

It seems like Juliet easily gets into these situations in which some man is able to control and manipulate her – first her ex-husband Edmund, and then Ben. Juliet worked at the research lab that Edmund ran, putting up with his smug attitude so she could continue to sneak medicines from the lab for her own research. Once Edmund found out about Juliet’s experimental work with her sister, he wanted in on it. Otherwise, he pointed out, the research raised some pretty hairy ethical questions.

Thus, when the Mittelos Bioscience center just outside of Portland tried to recruit Juliet to “lead a team of highly trained people,” Juliet declined, saying her ex-husband would never let her. When the man – Mr. Alpert – said there must be something Edmund would respond to, Juliet replied sarcastically, “If he were hit by a bus, how about that?” before breaking down in tears. She told Mr. Alpert that she’s not a leader, and left.

Back in Miami, Juliet learned that her experiments worked: her sister was pregnant. Just as Juliet told Edmund that her experiments had been successful, he got mowed down by a bus! Quick human nature question for you: Getting hit by a bus is a grave matter, so why do I always feel like giggling when I see something like that? Anyway, at the morgue, Juliet identified Edmund’s body and Mr. Alpert suddenly showed up. He creepily had all sorts of knowledge about Juliet – including the news about her sister – saying they are thorough in their research of candidates. Juliet then realized that she’d mentioned the bus thing to Mr. Alpert and then Edmund had died in exactly that way, but Alpert brushed that aside. He asked her again to work for them and Juliet wondered if her sister could also come to Portland. Alpert said no, seeing as they’re "not exactly in Portland."

Photos copyright 2006 ABC

katwo katwo 10 years
by the way, i have nothing against anyone gay, or wrong with men having babies... just a theory :D
katwo katwo 10 years
ok, my boyfriend has a theory: the guys in the island are all gay and it's a conspiracy about a colony of men who want to have babies. I'm not so sure about it, but it's dang catchy.
boxem180 boxem180 10 years
Quick human nature question for you: Getting hit by a bus is a grave matter, so why do I always feel like giggling when I see something like that? --> don't feel bad, buzz, i do it too.
medicgirl medicgirl 10 years
And the plot
sashak sashak 10 years
geez, Bai Ling is so gross! I hadn't thought about Kate & Sawyer "mating" but it makes sense! _________________________________ Let the feast of 1000 hams begin!
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
Ooh those are good speculations BuzzSugar. I love that you do recaps of my favorite shows! Thanks! :-)
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Yeah, I don't think Ben is her real father either, I think Ben stole her from Rousseau. I think the Others are obsessed with continuing their community or something and that is why they are so interested in Walt and that is why they brought a fertility doctor to the island. It also makes me think that that's part of why they kept Kate and Sawyer in cages and then let them "mate," because they want Kate to have a baby...? That "Lost moment" I posted yesterday with Bai Ling might also be tied into this idea: Jack and the strange lady making a baby. Just some of my speculations!
sanD13 sanD13 10 years
i was thinking the same too that ben is her adoptive father only she probably doesn't know that. so the mittelos bioscience center brought juliet to the island and her specialty is fertility and "the others" like to steal children and babies...
sashak sashak 10 years
that is a good recap! However, I don't think that Ben is really Alex's biological father. Rousso was pregnant b/f she got to the island. Her husband & everyone died & the other stole baby Alex. I think he is like her "adopted dad". Unless R's husband didn't die & just joined the Others, but I doubt it _________________________________ Let the feast of 1000 hams begin!
yiddidea yiddidea 10 years
Great recap! You got everything, wow.
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