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Let's Get Lost: "The Last Recruit" Recap

To quote Flocke himself, "Well, here we go." Indeed, this week's Lost signals the beginning of the end, as more characters come together on the island and in the sideways world. We're gearing up for a war of epic proportions, if Widmore's heavy artillery didn't already tip you off.

I don't want to give too much away, so to recap the return of one character, the reunion of two others, and which one may just be dead (spoilers!),


  • So it was the Man in Black who disguised himself as Christian Shepard in the jungle! I suspected as much, but Flocke confesses his trickery to Jack, saying he only did it to help Jack. Yeah, right. It wouldn't be to manipulate Claire and the rest of the islanders, now would it?
  • Sun recognizes Locke! When she's taken to the hospital following her bullet wound, she spots Locke being wheeled out on his own stretcher, and cries to Jin, "It's him! It's him!" My guess is she recognizes Locke right away, because she almost died, much like Charlie and Desmond.
  • Widmore's lackeys come for what Flocke took from them (read: Desmond) and fire a warning bomb to prove their point. Flocke doesn't appear fazed, and instead orders Sayid to kill Desmond back at the well. Sayid goes to carry out his assignment, but when he arrives, Desmond starts appealing to his sensitive side by mentioning Nadia. We never see what actually goes down, but when Flocke presses Sayid, he tells him he went through with the murder. I think Sayid is bluffing, don't you? It hints that Sayid may be able to switch sides after all.
  • As he continues to bring the Oceanic passengers together in the alternate reality, Desmond "bumps" into Claire on her way to the adoption agency and convinces her to see his lawyer friend. Guess who? She's none other than Ilana who immediately registers that she knows Claire. Ilana says she's actually been looking for her, because (surprise!) Ilana is also in charge of Christian Shepard's will. Jack and his son show up for its reading, find Claire, and the truth comes out that she's Jack's sister. Perhaps Ilana is still somehow serving Jacob in the sideways by keeping tabs on Widmore and Jack Shepard as their legal help. But did Desmond know they were reading Shepard's will that day? And why do some characters only recognize certain others — like Sun with Locke, and Ilana with Claire?
  • Back in the sideways world, Sawyer brings Kate in for the feds, but she guesses what we already knew – that he doesn't want anyone knowing about his trip to Australia. Think he'll let her "escape" now, since she has something on him? Also, in a twist of fate, Sawyer captures Sayid for the deaths of Keamy and his men.
  • Of note: Desmond tells Claire regarding the adoption that she "could find herself in a situation that's irreversible." Perhaps this alludes to what will happen if she goes with Flocke off the island.
  • Best line of night: Sawyer refers to Lapidus as "that pilot that looks like he stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie." Sawyer, you slay me.
  • Since he already made a deal with Widmore, Sawyer goes against Flocke's plan and rounds up Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sun, and Frank to sail to the other island. Claire realizes she's being left behind and aims a gun at the gang until Kate convinces her to come with. Just what they need — cuckoo Claire messing things up.
  • On the boat, Jack tells Sawyer that he thinks they're making a mistake, and raises a good point: perhaps Flocke wants them off the island, because they're actually supposed to stay there longer. Sawyer doesn't like that, of course, and orders him to go with them or jump off, so Jack literally jumps off after apologizing for Juliet's death (anyone else reminded of when Sawyer leapt off the helicopter?) Jack washes up back at shore where Flocke finds him. Big uh-oh, but even worse, Widmore's crew starts unleashing bombs.
  • Biggest moment of irony: Jack is called to operate on a man at the hospital, John Locke. Locke is totally vulnerable, putting his life in Jack's hands, but back on the island, Flocke carries Jack to safety from Widmore's explosives. I can't help but think, now more than ever that Jack will be Jacob's replacement and is the key in all of this. He's the one who recognizes that the island isn't done with them, taking on the role of the "believer." Flocke seems to know, too, immediately pulling Jack aside when he comes to his camp at the beginning of the episode. I wonder if Widmore is clued into it. He did call off the deal with Sawyer — could it be because Sawyer didn't deliver Jack?
  • Anyone else tear up over the Jin and Sun reunion? The two finally find each other on the other island, and Sun's English miraculously comes back. Was it just some psychological condition before?
  • I really think Jack's ex-wife in the sideways isn't Sarah (Julie Bowen), because the writers continue to tease us to set up her big reveal. Here's a theory: Juliet. Not only would she be a good twist, but since Sawyer and Kate keep coming together in the sideways world, Jack and Juliet could pair up, too.

Do you agree with any of my theories? Do you think Jack is the 'last recruit' of the title for Flocke, Widmore, or Jacob? How about sharing a few of your own below, and you may even see them in my latest comment roundup. Or join the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community where you can chat about the show as much as you like!

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