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Lost Series Finale Unanswered Questions 2010-05-24 14:30:52

Buzz In: What's Your Biggest Unanswered Lost Question?

The Lost series finale left you some of you cheering — and others rabid! — but if there's anything we can all agree on, it's that there are still a ton of mysteries left unsolved. I'd love to get ahold of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and lock them in a room so I could persuade them to unveil their secrets. Like, what was with the final wreckage footage? Was everything really real on the island, as Christian suggested? Why were Penny and Desmond in the church if they weren't originally on the plane? But I digress . . .

In the comments, tell me the question you'd ask the creators about last night's WTF finale, if you could ask just one. And perhaps someday, in a perfect island world of our own imagining, we'll finally get our answers. We can dream, right?

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Catipa Catipa 7 years
ActgGalSLB-Wow, I'm blown away by your post-your thoughts seem right on-as soon as I read each one, things made more sense! Thanks also to suziryder-that clears up most of the numbers mystery:)
suziryder suziryder 7 years
Catipa: As for The Numbers, this one bugged me too and they didn't directly address it but I think the answers are given to us, we just have to find the clues. In the cave where Jacob listed the names of the candidates, and each name had a number. I noticed in the finale, there was one brief shot of the cave and one name had the number 15, which was one of The Numbers. I believe that each of The Numbers corresponds to a name of a candidate, and that connection is why those numbers were so important. I think Jacob made it so that the numbers of his candidates held a special power.
suziryder suziryder 7 years
Oh, and as for the wreckage at the end of the episode: It doesn not mean that everyone died when flight 815 crashed. They made it very clear that the island was real, only the sideways world was the purgatory/pre-heaven-afterlife. The losties were the most important people in Jack's life because they DID know each other, they DID live on the island. So what was the wreckage? My theory is either: A) It's just the wreckage of 815, as a "this is what started it all" kind of sentimentality (all that wreckage must've stayed on the island, where else would it have gone? It was a whole plane, it wouldn't just disappear, would it?) or B) The wreckage of another plane (does the plane at the end have Oceanic written on it? If not, it would suggest that another plane crashed on the island after Jack's death, once Hurley and Ben were in charge of the island)
Catipa Catipa 7 years
I agree with many of the posts above: 1) I wish the numbers were explained in better detail 2) the sickness 3) why were the Dharma allowed on the island by Jacob? 4) what happened to Richard-will he age now?
suziryder suziryder 7 years
I have a few thoughts on people's questions, but I just wanted to preface this by saying that these are just my opinion, I don't think of myself as an expert or an authority or anything like that. I'd just like to throw these ideas out there to keep the discussion going. Anon #19: The island was real. It's the "sideways world" that the losties created, as a meeting place where they all could gather after they died. AceZero: Ben, Hurley, Rose, and Rose's hubby lived out their days on the island. When they died, whenever that was, they joined everybody else in the "sideways world." The plane Jack saw at the end was NOT the Oceanic 815 plane crashing (which I think you were implying), it was Lapidus and the rest leaving the island. Lapidus, Kate, Sawyer, Richard, anyone else who was on that plane made it back to the main land and lived out the rest of their lives. Kate lived until old age before she died, that's why when she meets Jack in the "sideways world," she tells him she missed him for a long time. Because she died a long time after Jack did. Zeze: I think they dropped Walt because the actor got too old to play him, so that's a big plot hole. Desmond is special because he can survive electro-magnetic pulses- Jack went through one at the end of the finale and he died. The point of the bomb was that THAT was the incident. Setting off the bomb created the need to build the hatch. It did NOT create the sideways world, that was a huge red herring. The sideways world had existed all along, they just decided to show it to us after the bomb to throw us off track. lilibooh: If Miles and Lapidus weren't in the church at the end (I don't remember if they were or not), I'd say that's because they weren't the most important people in Jack's life. I believe the scene in the church is from Jack's perspective, we see who was most important in his life (Christian said that the "sideways world" was a gathering for who YOU were most impacted by in your lifetime, and I think you see them as YOU choose to see them). So I imagine that they were there but just not visible to Jack because they weren't as important to him, but they might have been visible to the other people in the church. Dhiraj: The sideways world was a gathering place, a sort of purgatory that the Losties created as a way for them all to get together before they went off to the afterlife. It was a way for them to work through their issues in life, to get what they needed or deal with what they needed in life before they moved on to the afterlife.
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
zeze, you took the words right out of my mouth. i am a huge fan and i'm in love with all the characters and i truly do love the ending and the thought of them waiting for jack before moving on, etc. but there is just SO MUCH left open to intepretation that i feel completely jipped! 1-Walt and Aaron-why did the others want them and make such a big deal about stealing children. remember when the losties were out looking for walt and they saw the kids' dirty feet and dragging the teddy bear? that was creep-tastic! why did walt appear to shannon and locke?? he wasn't dead. 2-the sickness (claire, sayid, rousseau's group)-i'm assuming it was just the influence of the MIB? 3-widmore/eloise-this season, it was implied that those 2 knew everything about everything. how? why? ben could even be thrown into this as well. 4-the numbers-where did they come from and why were the candidates assigned a certain number. 5-dharma intiative-were they really just there to do research? did the button really need to be pushed to harness the electromagnetism? i still don't understand anything that daniel faraday tried explaining with the bomb. i've accepted the fact that Lost as a whole was centered on jack (even though i always hoped it wouldn't be that obvious), but i just really feel like they could have given us at least 1 more episode to clear some stuff up. that's not alot to ask.
glynislily glynislily 7 years
Walt!!! But it's actually not just Walt it is this idea of "special". We heard that thrown around for 6 years and never really saw what that was all about. I want to understand Miles, Hurley, John, Walt and any other character that was ever described as "special." To me this is less of a curiosity of mythology, but a curiosity of characters.
zeze zeze 7 years
Wow...that is long...sorry :D
zeze zeze 7 years
Honestly, there are too many to list them all. Let me first start by saying I've watched every single minute of Lost, many of them twice, and tons of recap shows. Second, I love this show and even after a "meh" final moments of an otherwise GREAT finale, I still LOVE the show and this Tuesday at 9 will feel a little bit empty. That being said...I do feel a little jipped and conned (one hell of a long con) by the writers. This show was about 2 things, one is the characters and their emotions and personal quests and journeys and second thing is the mysteries of the island and the greater meaning beyond just the characters. Both are equally important, in fact, if we go based on ratings and why people were so enthralled by this show more than any other show with complex characters...the mysteries are more important. In the finale the writers satisfied those who only cared about the emotional quest of the characters, Jack mostly, but those of us who cared about the mysteries we've been dissecting since season 1...well we were left empty handed and kind of ignored. The things I still want to know... 1. Walt - and no, I don't buy the whole...he's special because he left and never went back. Sorry, that is a cop out to me, birds dont die at your door and you don't come back and warn shannon and Locke when you don't belong in the story. The worst part is that they kept feeding into this plot and then just ignored it. 2. The concept of the rules - who makes them, why were Ben and Widmore playing by some of them, what were they? How was killing Alex a cheat? 3. Widmore's obsession with the island - yes I get that it is all tied into Ben and his feud for power with Ben, but the ending was sooo incredibly lame - Jacob came to see me and I saw the error of my ways...seriously? And then what bugged me more is when he had this super secret that he would only whisper in front of Ben...which turned out to be something we all already knew a long time ago that Desmond can withstand electromagnetism. 4. Desmond - umm...if he is so special and was the only one that could go down there, how come Jack did it? 5. MIB-->Smokey: how come when he went down something worse than death resulted as their fake mom said, yet Jack and Des were just fine and normal. 6. The issue with the light - I thought the light was never supposed to be put out, yet it was like a simple electric switch, turn it off and turn it on and really, no harm done. Sure you can say if the island had sunk then the real harm happens, but the story only mentioned the light. 7. What was the point of the bomb? I am just plain lost on this one. It didn't reset anything and didn't change anyone or 8. What was the island, what was the point of it, why is it important and worth dying for. I mean we had an episode called "what they died for" and our electricity went off right as Jacob said "I'll tell you what they died for" and the next day my 8 year old sister who caught that part asked me did you find out what they died for...and I thought about it and realized nope...I didn't! There are some more curiosity ones (who was shooting at them in the canoes when they flashed...which should CLEARLY have an answer that the writers just refused to share....)but those are not instrumental to my understanding of the show's biggest core questions, so I won't complain about those). The big questions I did mention though leave me unsatisfied, I feel like I need at least another 3 episodes to wrap things up with explanation rather than Widmore and Christian Shepard just telling us things to force the storyline end.
acyl acyl 7 years
I didn't quite get the whole thing with the light and that stopper, and why it had to be Desmond at first, but then Jack could go put it back. What was the point of that?
chloe-bella chloe-bella 7 years
The wreckage at the end of the finale. Though I don't feel that it was an "unanswered question" so much as something that I just haven't figured out.
doubleuendy doubleuendy 7 years
it was good for what it was. for knowing not everything was gonna get answered. i think they masked a lot of unanswered questions with tons of emotion. and i think for most of us, the emotions made you forgive any lacking, just like the characters.
Renees3 Renees3 7 years
anon #5 - I'm pretty sure the sickness was the "taint" of the MIB/Smoke Monster
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
Very nicely said wackdoodle!! Agree w/ you 100%
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