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The final Comic-Con Lost panel ever was filled with such warmth and humor and mutual appreciation (between fans and executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof) I didn't want it to end. Though there was of course no new footage of the next season, there were plenty of surprises for us fans. Some of these fans were even visited by Cuse and Lindelof last night as they camped out for early entry into this morning's Lost panel.

Some of the video footage that they did show included: A commercial for "Lost University," a promo for a fake old ABC show called "mysteries of the universe," an America's Most Wanted clip about the "armed and dangerous murderer" Katherine Austen, a montage of clips from fan-made Lost video stuff, an Oceanic Airlines commercial, and an "in memoriam" video about the characters who have died on the show, ending with Charlie just before, of course, Dominic Monaghan took the stage.

In addition to Monaghan, the panel featured fun appearances by Jorge Garcia, Michael Emerson, Nestor Carbonell and, after a delicious clip montage, a surprise appearance by Josh Holloway, my beloved Sawyer. So you can probably guess what was my favorite part of the panel.


To read some more tidbits from this very funny, very happy Comic-Con event, just


  • One fan's question had to do with season six bearing similarities to the first season and the producers confirmed this, to a degree, saying that they want to "close the loop" of the show with a final season that reflects the first in some ways. Cuse mentioned that there will be some of the "emotional discovery" that was found in the first season while Lindelof promised we'd see some characters in season six who we haven't seen in a while. He added that their goal is to have us watch the final season and not know what they're going to do, so in that sense, they want to return to the "unpredictability" of seasone one.
  • Having said all that, they aim for season six to be something different altogether from all other seasons: "The time travel season is over, the flash forward season is over, so season six will be something totally different."
  • When a self-proclaimed "Faraday Fangirl" asked if we might see Faraday again, maybe alive and happily married with children, the producers reminded her that Faraday really is dead so it would have to be a "zombie wedding." However! Lindelof assured us that Faraday will be on the show next season nonetheless.
  • After showing up in a fake commercial for Mr. Cluck's, Jorge Garcia appeared at the microphone to "ask a question" about whether Jack's plan really did work because if it did, "that would be, like, a real big cheat." The producers urged Jorge to just trust them, to which Jorge fired back, "Yeah but last time I trusted you guys you said Paolo and Nicki were going to be totally awesome." He wanted to know if they would answer all the questions next season, and Lindelof said they would answer "all the questions that matter."
  • There was, of course, a question about Richard Alpert and the producers assured us we will see a lot of Richard next season, with Cuse adding, "I think we would be remiss if we didn't give you Richard's backstory." They then showed a funny video of Nestor Carbonell pitching a fit because someone gave him the "cobalt" eyeliner to use instead of his usual "onyx."
  • One male fan gushed about having "cried like a sissy" when Juliet fell and he declared any man in the room who said otherwise a liar before asking if they could just bring back Juliet. All Cuse/Lindelof said in reply was that Elizabeth Mitchell will be on Lost next season.
  • One fan asked if Jacob has ever appeared as any other character like, say, Claire. Lindelof answered "no," and they gave the fan their one prize for the day: a wooden seagull with the little note Claire wrote (the actual note used on the show) rolled up and attached to the gull's foot.
  • And finally, in a moment of fondness that made me feel a little teary, the producers thanked Lost fans again and again, saying "Lost exists because of you and for you," and that Lost fans have proven that audiences don't need or want "lowest common denominator" kinds of shows. Aww.

Photo copyright 2009 ABC, Inc.

356UIK 356UIK 8 years
How cute! Are they showing re runs this summer by any chance?
fakeplanettelex fakeplanettelex 8 years
arghhhh i can't wait.
cocom cocom 8 years
Thanks for the recap! Wish I could have been there (and seen Josh Holloway). =)
janyango janyango 8 years
that won't begin *until feb.
janyango janyango 8 years
i agree intensebandgeek; they are hyping me up for something that won't begin in february... and it's august!
spacebear spacebear 8 years
i agree intensebandage. but then again, the sooner it ends, the sooner its gone FOREVER! i cannot wait :)
intensebandgeek intensebandgeek 8 years
Season 6 needs to start NOW.
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