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Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

With only one episode left before the finale, this week's Lost really brought out the emotion. Whether you loved it or hated it, the story of Jacob and the MIB left much to be debated and dissected. Here are a few theories so be sure to chime in with any new revelations of your own — and when you're done, be sure to head over to my Lost bracket to vote for the best character of all time!

  • Entering the spring caused the light inside MIB (there's some in every person, according to Mother) to go out. When the light goes out inside a person, that person turns into a disembodied cloud of smoke, thus the Smoke Monster. If the monster escapes to the outside world, everyone's light will go out, and all people will turn into Smoke Monsters (or something like that). This is why stopping MIB is so important now. This would also shed some light on why Desmond is so important. It should be pretty obvious that the glowing light and the pockets of electromagnetic energy are one in the same. Desmond may be the only person who can enter the spring of light without becoming a Smoke Monster. — mstrauss
  • Why does the light (I thought of it as a fountain of youth, Rose no cancer, Locke healed, Richard doesn't age, etc) turn people into smoke monsters? — Anonymous
  • I think Jacob died at some point too, b/c only certain people can see him, same as with MIB. — 356UIK

Three more when you


  • I wonder if those other men on the island were the original "others"? since they were wiped out, maybe MIB just appealed to new comers on the island to get them to help him get off the island. maybe the Dharma folks just wanted to do their own thing and not join him? In reality though, they were just as interested in the island's powers as MIB was. — redchick152
  • I don't think it was always meant to MIB that was the island's protector, it was always supposed to be Jacob. MIB felt no pull towards the island and was always trying to leave and Jacob always wanted to stay. I don't understand why everyone's illusion of Jacob was shattered this week, however naive he was before he has been "good" for centuries. MIB is always trying to kill Jacob's replacement candidates so that he can get off the island. If he truly was supposed to be the replacement, he wouldn't be obsessed with getting off the island and would accept the responsibility of sacrificing his own desire to leave for the good of the world." — jannam
  • But, but, but, but, lets not forget about sideways world in which the island is submerged in the ocean. Wouldn't the light in effect be doused? Meaning that nothing was really affected by the light? Because preventing the explosion in the 70s ruined all the possible candidacies and the candidates went about their lives, maybe the smoke monster escaped and his escape really only just destroys the island and not the rest of the world? Maybe this crazy lady Janney just really had an attachment to this island. — Naye in VA

Do you agree with any of these readers? Have thoughts of your own that you'd like to share? Go wild in the comments, and don't forget to check out the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community!

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