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Lost Theories Episode "Everybody Loves Hugo"

Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

Between a shocking ending and some Hurley lip-locking, this week's Lost got you guys talking. Things appear to be getting clearer as we approach the finale — but the show still has a lot of explaining to do. Like, what is Desmond up to? You had a few ideas.

  • I think Desmond is the figurative "matchmaker" in the alt-reality. By running over Locke, I think this will get Jack and Locke together. Jack can perform his miracle surgery like he did on Ben, and that will trigger Jack's memory and Locke will be able to walk again, triggering his memory. Just a theory, of course. — Jaybo
  • Anyone else notice how Jack's new laid-back way of thinking is kind of similar to Jacob's? remember how jacob was all about letting the people make their own decisions and richard did all his dirty work off the island? — redchick152

Three more theories to get your mind racing when you


  • Dude, I did not see that ending coming! At first I thought it was revenge, but I'm not even sure what Desmond knows and what's going on in his head (I thought maybe he would be able to travel back and forth between realities, but I don't think this is the case). He is trying to collect all the Losties and get them to remember the island, and what was one way to do that (as illustrated by Charlie)? Near death experience. — Pistil
  • I think everything that's going on in the alternate timeline is working towards the two time lines converging. In order for that to happen all of the "candidates" need to remember the island and Desmond is working on helping them remember and bringing them back to the island (similar to how Locke worked on rounding everyone up to go back to the island). I think he is trying to kill Locke, because Locke needs to go back the same way he went back on the Ajira flight – in a coffin. I definitely think Desmond sought Hurley out (he asked before for the list of everyone on flight 815). — jannam
  • It also seems like whomever died on the island, they seem to remember it in the alt. time line. Which makes me wonder if Keamy did remember! — Jelly888

Do any of these theories seem spot on to you? Perhaps you've dreamt up more explanations now that you've had time to let the episode sink in. Share your ideas in the comments, or click over to the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community!

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