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Lost Logic: Reader Thoughts and Theories

We did get a teeny bit of resolution on this week's Lost — finally, a Jin and Sun reunion! — but there are still loads of unanswered questions. Per usual, you guys were quick to present hypotheses of your own, so I've culminated a few favorites. Check them out!

  • Why do they keep saying "you let him talk to you" or "once he speaks it will be too late" - I am wondering does that mean that MIB and even Jacob have crazy powers of persuasion or is it like a magical thing, literally, if they speak to you, you are under their spell - but it didn't work on Sawyer or Kate or Sun (neither the persuasion or the magical persuasion if it that). — zeze
  • I think that Sayid absolutely did not shoot Desmond. And I actually think that maybe Sayid has only been in 'zombie' mood because he shut off his feelings to get through until he is reunited with the woman he loves. (Why won't he just say Nadia? Could it be Shannon instead?) — myfairlady93

Three more theories when you


  • So Desmond is some sort of angel. Kind of like a guardian angel. Love it. He's still alive. I'm sure of it. I think last night I saw the sign, Jack is going to be the keeper of the island. I originally thought it was going to be Hurley because he has the faith in humanity that is required to be the new Jacob. Now, I think it will be Jack because it's like he knows his purpose. It would only make sense that it is Jack because Jacob and MIB go together like Jack and Locke. — 2gabbygals
  • Something that did bother me in this episode was the whole MIB was Christian. Where is Christian's body then? Why is Locke's body still there, but Christian's was gone? — Jelly888
  • I totally didn't think about this while we watched the episode, but when Locke says "I was gonna marry her" in the ambulance, he isn't referring to the fact that he is dying, but is instead speaking from his Island consciousness since he just almost died and saw his island life (like Desmond, Charlie, etc.). — mstrauss

Do you agree with any of these readers? Have thoughts of your own that you'd like to share? Go wild in the comments, and don't forget to check out the Lost Fans group in the Buzz Community!

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zeze zeze 7 years
Haha, I see my crazy ranting made big, lol. Frank, that would be absolutely crazy! And I wondered about the Christian thing too, how come Lock is still Lock and Flock (MIB) only looks like him, while it seemed like he was inside Christian's body. I hope the writers don't get sloppy in the end, it would be very surprising after how detailed they've been this entire time.
Blix Blix 7 years
Shannon! Wow, I forgot about her. I'll go with that theory.
mksmogger mksmogger 7 years
I loved this week's episode. This season has really been gaining momentum as we're building towards the series finale. There were just so many moments that I watched and realized that I will truly miss having this hour of tv in my life each week. It's going to be interesting to see what all these actors do when their run on this show is ever.
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