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Lost Tonight: Comment Here While You Watch!

I'm sorry, what? Did you say something? Oh! Right. This post. Gotta write this post.

As every Lost fan well knows (and has known for what feels like forever), tonight is the premiere of season five on ABC, and having seen the first few episodes I can say with certainty that you are in for some great, juicy Lost goodness (and plenty more of that shiny, shirtless Sawyer. . .). So, I'm thinking we should get together tonight and talk about this first episode here on Buzz. As you watch the episode, comment below with your thoughts, gasps, revelations, grievances, and theories and tomorrow I'll post about what goes on here along with some more of my own thoughts and reactions.

Of course, we live in different time zones, so the East Coasters will get to comment first and if you're not on the East Coast, don't spoil things for yourself by reading the comments here until the show comes on! I'll be watching, too, and can't wait to discuss everything with my favorite fellow Lost fans: you guys.

So don't be one of the Others! Watch and comment with us Losties here tonight!

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