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"On the Lot" Ditches Monday Edition

"On the Lot" Ditches Monday Edition

Well, this is baffling. Fox is apparently dropping its Monday edition of "On the Lot", condensing the show to just one hour on Tuesdays starting next week. Fox's online schedule now shows the show being on only from 8 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, which will supposedly include both the viewings of the contestants' films and the results.

But ... how? When do we vote? Do we vote at all, or do the judges just kick someone off on their own? Or maybe we watch movies on Tuesday, vote throughout the week, then learn the results the following Tuesday before seeing the new films? I'm so confused.

I bet some other viewers are confused, too, and maybe that has something to do with the show's low ratings. After all, it premiered as a "Project Greenlight"-style behind-the-scenes show, then it morphed into an "American Idol" clone, and now it's shifting into this bizarre format. No wonder nobody's watching — at this point, we have no idea what the show is supposed to be. All that being said, I'm still totally pulling for it to survive.

Photo courtesy of Fox

MarcDom7 MarcDom7 10 years
I think they'll adopt what another American Idol clone, "So You Think You Can Dance," did in its first season: we'll still vote, they'll film live-to-tape on Wednesday the eliminations, and air them at the beginning of the next Tuesday show in the first five minutes. There. Solved.
Megg21 Megg21 10 years
Honestly they need to just find a format and stick to it. It smells of desperation and confuses the audience when they move things around like this. It's too bad since I'm really really enjoying the show. Though I hope it's the judges who vote people off since quite frankly the voting public don't seem to know what they're doing. BOO!
HotBlonde HotBlonde 10 years
ugh my brother in law is a director for this show. I hope it pulls through for his sake.
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
What a mess!
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