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"On The Lot": Finally Getting It Right

"On The Lot": Finally Getting It Right

"On The Lot" totally heard BuzzSugar's pleas! Not only was Michael Bay, the guest judge in the house to promote Transformers (heard of it? It's a little indie film coming out sometime this summer), surprisingly helpful and critical, but I think they've finally found a format that works!

So, the next three episodes will each feature films from 5 of the final 15 directors. At the beginning of each episode, they will kick off one of the directors from the week before. I was confused at first, but I think this is the best possible way to have it work as a once a week thing with no official elimination show, at least while there are still so many directors in the competition. Does that all make sense? Good.

For some reason Costa tried to make it all suspenseful as to which directors were presenting last night. Why? I do not know, because I'm pretty sure all the directors knew beforehand and only those 5 made movies this week.

  • First up was Sam, who we learned was responsible for briefly popular viral video "Lazy Monday" (a response to SNL's "Lazy Sunday" sketch) which oddly enough starred fellow OTL finalist Adam. Sam's movie was called Broken Pipe Dreams and was about a guy who drops the engagement ring (that is is presumably meant for a girlfriend, but we never get that far) in the toilet and is forced to confront some toilet-based demons. It was alright, Carrie Fisher loved it, Bay thought it needed tighter editing, Garry Marshall rambled something about the bathroom. My favorite part was the dog.
  • Next up was Trevor, whose cuteness Adrianna Costa can't stop talking about. His movie, Teri (Blind Date), was about a blind date. Thrilling stuff. Carrie hated it. At this point I was forced to admit to myself that I kind of appreciated Michael Bay's presence. I never thought I would say that. He didn't much like the story, or the photography. Garry Marshall was, clearly, in another world and rambled something.

To hear about the rest of the movies, and my prediction for who will get the boot just

  • Hilary's movie The First Time I Met the Finkelsteins was crass, but I thought mediocre. Carrie Fisher thought the camera angles were too tight. Michael Bay called it a "groaner" (laughing at her instead of with her)...yikes. Garry Marshall didn't like the camera work either, but appreciated the line about "Kelly straddling a brisket." Of course he did.
  • Next up was Adam, whose movie Dough: The Musical was utterly fabulous. He pulled off a musical, and a funny one at that. Carrie gushed. Micheal Bay liked it but didn't think it was eye-catching enough. I'm not sure Garry Marshall understood it.
  • Last up was Shalini, who made a short documentary called Laughing Out Loud: A Comic Journey about a gay Indian comedian in NYC. Carrie loved it. Michael Bay was surprisingly impressed and thought she had the best directing skills of the bunch. Garry Marshall blathered about not really needing a beginning, middle and end.

I think it's between Hilary and Trevor as to who is getting the boot and my money is on Hilary. Garry Marshall will surely mourn the loss of another of the competition's female filmmakers. Also, Adrianna Costa totally had less face time. Good. So what did you guys think? Any stand-out films? As surprised as I was by Michael Bay's totally cocky but kinda necessary criticisms?

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