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"On the Lot": Five Ford Commercials ... Er, Road Films

"On the Lot": Five Ford Commercials ... Er, Road Films

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this week's "On the Lot" was sponsored even more generously than usual by Ford. The five remaining directors all made films about the wonders of the open road — and, it would seem, the wonder of driving Ford vehicles on it. At one point, Adrianna Costa even stood like a showroom model next to one giant SUV, just in case we weren't getting the message.

Before we could get to the "road films," we had to see who was going to be eliminated after last week's comedies. Adrianna told the gang that Zach and Andrew had the fewest votes, but Zach just barely nosed ahead out to stay in the competition. Jason, meanwhile, won the box office tally again; as a reward, he got to work with Jerry O'Connell this week. Hmmm ... blessing or curse?

This week's guest judge was Gary Ross of Seabiscuit. The other Garry was mysteriously absent, but his sister Penny filled in instead, showing that babbling runs in the family. As for the five new films:

  • Adam started off the night with Driving Under the Influence, about a car stereo that makes people dance against their will. I think Adam's really at his best when he does things with dancing, for whatever reason, though I thought the ending was ridiculous. Carrie agreed that Adam rocks at the dancing, Gary thought it worked, and Penny was about as coherent as Garry typically is.
  • Sam came next with Backseat Driving Test, about a young man whose mother is an insufferable backseat driver. She gets sent to backseat driving rehab, which seems to consist mostly of being driven around a course at high speed with dust flying everywhere. It was a lot of driving effects and not a lot else, in my opinion. Carrie said it was Sam's best movie, while Gary was impressed with the effects and Penny smiled a lot.

Three more, so

  • Zach apparently wants to get kicked off, because he came back from his near-elimination with a sequel to the film that almost did him in, Bonus Feature 2. It did have something more of a story than last week's, it's true, but I also would never classify it as a "road movie," thus putting him into some dangerous Marty Martin-esque territory. Carrie said it was better than last week's and babbled some stuff about Zach being extraordinary, Gary thought it was good storytelling, and Penny said Zach took the notes from last week and came back with a better film.
  • Jason got the prize of putting Jerry O'Connell in his film, The Move. I'm kind of confused; it was either about a guy moving or about a prank Jerry O'Connell's character played on a friend, and I'm honestly not sure which. Carrie was confused too, Gary said it was well shot but the big reveal at the end made no sense, and Penny may or may not have made a racist comment about Asian people(?).
  • Will finished things off with Road Rage 101, about a guy who beats up on his car while he's stuck in traffic — until the car starts to fight back. Fox is clearly hammering on Will being the sentimental favorite, as his intro package again mentioned that this is Will's last chance in film, but this was not one of his best. Carrie mostly praised Will's earlier work, Gary was impressed with some of the technical stuff but wished we'd learned more about the character of the car, and Penny said she didn't understand why the guy was so mad at the car in the first place.

Judges' favorites: Gary and Carrie picked Adam's, while Penny picked Sam's.

As for me, I'd put Adam at the top of my list, while Jason and Zach were my least favorites. I would think Jason would be the one heading home, but whichever cross-section of America still watches this show seems to love him. Thoughts?

Photo courtesy of Fox

mwmsjuly19 mwmsjuly19 10 years
I fired this show weeks ago. It's horrid.
tralalala tralalala 10 years
I was thinking of who would have to be voting for Jason haha, I haven't liked a single film he's made. So my theory is, that it's the elderly, and evangelical christians. That being said, every week, I hate this show more. I can't connect with any of the contestants (well, except Zach, but thats because we're friends with a lot of the same people haha), and for the most part, the films are terrible. Will and Zach are really the only people, since the beginning of the show, who've shown enough potential to actually make features. They shouldnt have put Mark Burnette in charge of casting
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 10 years
I quite watching this show weeks ago. Sometimes I just get bored too easily, I suppose. I'm not surprised though, that the three pictured above are still in the running.
Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
firey, I like Will too! Even though I didn't like this movie that much, I really loved his lamp movie from last week, and I can't imagine that he wouldn't get a job out of this even if he doesn't win. I'd pretty much say the same for Zach; I didn't like the Bonus Feature movies, but I've really liked everything else he's done. I hope the two of them are there till the end.
fireyelectra fireyelectra 10 years
I like Will, regardless of whether or not he's the sentimental favorite. I think his movies tend to draw on the same formulas that Pixar does, which is to say, he chooses to look at the ordinary from an unconventional lens. Also, while Gary Ross may have a point about the character of the car needing to be better established, I think Will's movie was very well written and neatly tied together through the device of the car radio.
Esagashi Esagashi 10 years
I don't know- I liked Zach's film, but is it a road movie when the car doesn't move? And "The Move" was horrible- my boyfriend and I were shocked at Penny's comments about the poor guy in the woods. What was the plot? Maybe we should get some smart Asian guy to help us find out? Blegh. Adam and Zach FTW.
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