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Is This a Bad Year For New Fall TV Shows?

The balloon that is Fall TV is already deflating; first Lone Star was canceled, then late last week, My Generation got the axe too. Though the rest of the freshman series are still standing (as of right now), ratings have not been stellar for any new show.

Could it be that marketing wasn't robust enough for the new programs, or are the shows themselves not that strong? For instance, you guys didn't think that NBC's Outsourced was earning its keep, and some of the more hyped shows like The Event and Hawaii Five-0 don't seem to be knocking anyone's socks off quite yet. Contrast that with last Fall when it seemed like people couldn't get enough of Glee and Modern Family. What do you think — is it just a weak season?

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gd101 gd101 6 years
What are you talking about? Hawaii Five-0 is a fantastic show! It deserves to keep airing for more seasons to come!!!!
lynnrxgal lynnrxgal 6 years
Love Hawaii Five 0! Best show of 2010 - I hope that I can enjoy it for seasons to come!
pss pss 6 years
Don't think so. The new shows aren't bad, I really liked the idea of My generation or the plot of Lone star, the problem is that every one wants more about the old shows which they already know and like. And these new shows are competing with very important and consolidating old shows. I'm used to follow four or five shows that air the same day on Internet so for me that's not a problem, I guess it is not the same to every one.
jenehfur jenehfur 6 years
I'm a big tv fan in general and there is not a single new fall show that sparked my interest enough to watch, which is a rarity! I honestly am sort if glad cuz I hate getting attached to shows but still, a little disappointing
bransugar79 bransugar79 6 years
I think there are too many new shows for any of them to gather a good following. Couple that with the fact that television is not exactly the event it used to be and it equals poor ratings. I think networks need to transition faster to keep up with what the public is demanding, and not just Nielsen families. It seems pretty obvious that whomever they are surveying no longer represents most of the population.
care0531 care0531 6 years
I LOVE Hawaii Five-O! Every episode is like a movie and the scenery is nice too!
shaima shaima 6 years
The problem is, they're trying too hard! It's as if they're thinking "let's create a mystery like Lost, and government secret and oh yeah aliens" or "why about a law tv show? n°198987979989..." I don't mind if the show is about a man living with a cat, when it's good, people know it!
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