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Lucky 7 TV Show Info

Pilot Scoop: Lucky 7

Matt Long (Private Practice) wins the lottery in ABC's new drama Lucky 7, premiering tonight. The catch? He's just one player in a pool of employees from a New York gas station who's in on the pot. Money could solve each of their problems, but might it create even more issues? I watched the pilot, one of Fall TV's many new shows, and I'm letting you know whether the drama is worth checking out.

  • What it's about: Matt (Long) and his coworkers at the Gold Star gas station in Queens have been pitching in to buy lottery tickets for years, and their persistence finally pays off when they win a multimillion-dollar pot. It couldn't come soon enough, given that Matt and his brother (Stephen Louis Grush) resort to dire straights to get cash quick just before they get the good news.
  • Where it works: There are a handful of employees at the station, and some are more interesting than others. Denise (Lorraine Bruce) has one of the more touching stories as a woman whose husband's infidelity has caused her self-confidence to waver — until she becomes a millionaire overnight, of course. Long is also a great leading man as Matt, who is questioning whether he even deserves a piece of the pie.
  • Where it doesn't: Because there are so many characters on the show, there's a lot going on here. With seven main characters to keep up with, that means less time to get to know them all.
  • You might like this show if: You've loved Matt Long since Jack & Bobby.
  • When it's on: Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC

Watch a preview of Lucky 7 after the jump.

Image Source: ABC
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