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Scarlett Johansson Kicks Butt in the Lucy Trailer

Apr 2 2014 - 2:01pm

Scarlett Johansson [1] has proven herself a bad*ss many times over since taking on the role of Black Widow in The Avengers [2] franchise, and now she's taking her skills to a one-woman show. She plays the title character in Lucy, about a woman who inadvertently becomes a drug mule when strangers cut open her stomach and sew up a bag of advanced drugs into her body. After a severe beating, the drugs start leaking into her system, and she immediately starts exhibiting superior physical and mental powers. It sounds a lot like 2011's Limitless, but I don't remember Bradley Cooper [3] ever changing eye colors and developing telekinesis. Morgan Freeman [4] also stars as a brain science researcher who Johansson calls up. The movie opens Aug. 8; check out the trailer below.

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