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Mad Men PaleyFest Quotes

PaleyFest: 10 Best Quotes From Mad Men's Secretive Panel

Mad Men makes its highly anticipated return to primetime this month, and last night Matthew Weiner, the show's creator and executive producer, along with the cast teamed up at LA's PaleyFest to chat about the season four finale, upcoming episodes, and the future of the Emmy-winning series. The panel didn't give away too many spoilers, though Hamm did reveal Don Draper may still be a bachelor when season five debuts on March 25. Get up to speed with our Mad Men season four recap, and check out the best quotes from the panel!

  1. "Well, he got engaged but he didn't necessarily get married." — Hamm on Don's engagement to Megan
  2. "The most surprising thing for me was how emotional I got, and Betty's supposed to be emotional. I was pretty choked up when I realized that it was really the end of Don and Betty, and I think, like a lot fans, I was still holding out a little bit of hope for them." — January Jones, on Betty's reaction to Don's engagement
  3. "Is this a weird fakeout? Is [Matthew Weiner] going to cut it like it's a dream sequence? And the following day be in bed with Betty in the old house. A total mind f*ck. And then going down that weird rabbit hole, and then realize that no, no, this is the natural progression." — Hamm, on the season four finale
  4. "I love the physical element of great actors, it's hard work. Don't think it's an easy job. It's not the hardest job in the world. . . it's not like writing." —Weiner, on working with Mad Men's amazing cast
  5. "When exactly did Harry become such a douche bag? He's always been a douche, don't get me wrong, but he's a particular flavor of douche bag." — Rich Sommer, reflecting on Harry's persona
  6. "She breaks him down right from the jump. For Peggy, I don't think there's any disillusions about how tough [Stan] is. She's more of a man than Stan is." — Jay R. Ferguson, on Stan's relationship with Peggy
  7. "When I read the pilot six, seven years ago I realized I thought this is an amazing piece of television that I wanted to be a part of, and from that point on I put my faith and trust in [Matthew's] ability to tell a story. He did it very well in the pilot and I figured I'm sure he can do it 90 more times. . . what could go wrong?" Hamm joking about the hiatus between seasons
  8. "I think the plan is for seven years and that's a lot. . .that's the plan. My whole thing is I don't want to overstay our welcome. seven years sounds like the right amount." — Weiner, on the show's future
  9. "He's not going to check in and go 'fix me,' he's going to fix himself." — Hamm, on Draper's mid-life crisis
  10. "What are you gonna do? You can't ride the girl in her underwear singing cowboy songs, and then say, 'No I won't do the blackface.'" — Slattery, on his controversial blackface scenes in season four
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