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Mad Men Recap "Favors"

Mad Men's 5 Maddest Moments: "Favors"

With only two episodes left in this season of Mad Men, the stakes have officially been raised. "Favors" starts out a little slow, and halfway in, I was wondering if Peggy and Pete having a civil conversation would be the most exciting thing in the whole episode. Boy, was I wrong. Peggy and Pete's strange closeness is just the beginning of an episode full of bizarre, awkward, and downright shocking moments. Pete's having doubts about his mother's male nurse, Peggy's apartment is providing some bloody challenges, and Sally is caught witnessing something no child should ever see. Just another week for Mad Men!

Meanwhile, another incident comes up in regards to the Bob Benson situation. Get all the details after the jump.

  • Caught in the act. Sylvia's barely legal son is in trouble for dodging the draft, and because of his extra special relationship with her, Don is feeling particularly sympathetic. He botches a dinner with Chevy representatives by "testing the water" on the prospective clients' opinions on the war, and although Ted is initially enraged, he ends up offering to help Mitchell get drafted to the National Guard — if Don stops fighting him. This is all just a setup for the real news: while sneaking into Mitchell's apartment to retrieve an embarrassing love letter, Sally catches Don in bed with Sylvia! Pants down, blouse off, totally doing it. She runs out, and Don, disheveled, runs after. By dinner, Sally is pissed, disgusted, and everything in between. Mitchell and his dad come in to thank the generous and gallant Don, and as soon as they leave, Sally screams, "You make me sick!" and I screamed at the TV, too. Poor Sally — how many more conjugal acts will she have to witness from these agency men?
  • Fifty shades of Pete's mom. Pete's mom is in good hands with her new caretaker, the dashing Manolo. Recommended by Bob, he's everything Pete's mom has been searching for . . . to fulfill her every sexual whim. I don't know where the line between reality and fiction is here. Is Pete's mom just supersenile, or are she and Manolo having a tryst? Incidentally, the reward for the most hurtful line goes to Pete's mom, who lets this gem fly while talking to her son: "You were a sour little boy and you are a sour little man . . . You were always unlovable." Ouch.
  • Old flames. Pete and Peggy's past comes back this week — first when Pete's mom brings up the child they have together. Of course, she just mistakenly thinks that Peggy's Trudy, but Peggy is still a little shaken by it, and she almost mentions the comment to Pete later at dinner. Speaking of that dinner, P & P are getting along swimmingly, with Pete being the nicest he's been all season. He assures Peggy that Ted is as in love with her as she is with him, then he tenderly tells her that she really knows him. Is something still there?
  • A mouse in the house. Peggy is not loving her apartment, and like many New York City apartments, it happens to have a few freeloaders. Hers is a rat. She puts out traps but soon discovers the terrible truth about putting out rat traps: if they work, you still have to pick up a dead, crippled rodent. In her case, there's a trail of blood that leads to under the couch. She does what most independent women do: she calls a dude. She actually calls Stan, who assures her that he is not her boyfriend, and thus, this is not his problem, despite the sexy rewards Peggy promises over the phone. Did anyone else think she had called Don at first?
  • Too close for comfort. When Pete confronts Bob about Manolo's alleged behavior, Bob, who has a tremendous talent for calming people down, gives an awkward speech that ends with, "If it's true love, does it matter who it is?" This is followed by ever so slight knee-on-knee contact. It is not a platonic touch. Guys, is Bob in love with Pete? I require more information.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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