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Mad Men Recap "For Immediate Release"

Mad Men's 5 Maddest Moments: "For Immediate Release"

Well, color me surprised! This week's episode of Mad Men ends on a rather exciting note — Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is merging with Peggy's firm! There are a lot of ups and downs for SCDP's business this week — first, they're set to go public and make everyone rich, then it feels like they're losing accounts like it's going out of style. But after a stroke of inspiration, Don and Ted Chaough realize they may be better off as partners than competitors.

Before Peggy taps out that press release, though, there are more than a few mad moments, including a couple of steamy scenes and arguments. Get the five maddest moments of the week when you read more.

  • Quitting time! My favorite scene of the episode is when Don goes to dinner with Jaguar client Herb (to refresh you, he's the disgusting, awful man who made Joan into a prostitute) and tells him off. Don's clearly had enough of Herb, who calls the dinner because he thinks a local flyer writer could teach Don something. Don resigns from his account right at the table with class and one well-timed fat joke. I all but cheered, but I do get why Joan is so upset. She went through all that for nothing?
  • Awkward moments. What's worse than running into someone you know while, uh, exiting a room in a brothel? Well, nothing, unless it's your father-in-law also exiting a room. That's what happens to Pete when he's having some fun, but it has more repercussions than awkwardness: since Trudy's father is also a client, he takes his business away from SCDP. Pete's mad enough to pay him back by telling Trudy about her dad, and it's the straw that breaks the camel's back for their marriage. Side note: Bob Benson's lurking gets even creepier when he's hanging out at the brothel trying to pay for Pete's session.
  • Don and Pete's shouting match. Except for the aforementioned brothel scene, Pete spends the whole episode either shouting, sniveling, or seething. The peak comes when he confronts Don about giving up on Jaguar and slides down the stairs (I giggled). It shows Pete's continued incompetence and immaturity — why would that be the right moment to tell Don the company was trying to go public?
  • Peggy and Ted make out! Well, that was inevitable. In a moment of stress, Peggy pays Ted a compliment, and he responds by kissing her. I wasn't surprised at all — Ted's been leering at Peggy for quite a while, and she's long been attracted to powerful men. I was surprised by her fantasy about him, though. Ted in a red velvet smoking jacket? Really? To each her own, I guess.
  • Let's merge, baby. When Ted and Don once again find their agencies pitted against each other for a big client (this time, it's Chevy), Don has a brainstorm that has nothing to do with the client. Sick of losing to the big agencies, he suggests they partner up, and after they win Chevy together, they decide to merge completely. One person who's not that psyched? Peggy, who's reduced to typing up the press release like a secretary. Well, even if Peggy is having a tough time wrapping her head around the fact that she works for Don again, I'm not — I think it's the shot in the arm that season six needs.

What did you think of this week's episode?

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