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Mad Men's 5 Maddest Moments: Season Finale "Tomorrowland"

"Tomorrowland" is an extremely appropriate title for the season finale of Mad Men — and not just because Don is taking his kids to Disneyland. It's also an indicator of Don's newfound optimism, as he looks ahead to the future with rose-colored glasses (he even does a cannonball into the pool!). The reason for his sunny disposition? Love. And the decision he makes as a result is jaw-dropping.

Don's not the only one thinking good thoughts; things are getting better for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce as well. I can't really divulge much about the episode without giving away spoilers, but allow me to say this: the finale is a nice close to an already fantastic season. For details about the biggest shockers of the evening, just


  • Meet Mrs. Draper No. 3: Is Don a hopeless romantic? He takes the kids on a business trip to California (they can see Disneyland; he can attend meetings), but unfortunately, Carla can't help babysit (more on that later). So in her place, Don asks Megan. She quickly becomes (as Don notes) a regular Maria von Trapp, even teaching the children to sing in French. Don gets so swept up in it that he proposes to Megan, and she says yes! It's no wonder Don's smitten; Megan is basically the anti-Betty. She tells Don that she could never be an actress because of her teeth (Betty was a picture-perfect model), and when the kids spill a milkshake, Megan just shrugs off the accident, whereas Betty would've had a conniption. But poor Faye. When Don and his new fiancée return to New York, he breaks the news to Faye over the phone. I like Megan, but she's just another woman who doesn't know the truth about Don's identity. Megan tells him what he wants to hear, but at least Faye told him what he needed to hear.
  • New business: When a model gives Peggy a tip about a pantyhose manufacturer that's not happy with its ad campaign, she swoops in to claim the client for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. She goes with Ken Cosgrove to the company to pitch them ideas and lands the first client since the Lucky Strike debacle. Her win is unfortunately overshadowed by Don's engagement news, which makes Peggy vent to Joan. First the CLIO award; now this. It's just one more incident where Don's stolen Peggy's limelight.
  • You're fired! Betty is on the rampage after Glen shows up to bid farewell to Sally before the family's move. Carla takes the blame for Glen's visit, and Betty retorts by letting the nanny go. Not to worry, because Carla is perfectly capable of defending herself. She gets in a jab before she leaves, telling Betty "someone has to watch the children." Ouch. And Glen gets in a hit too, saying "Just 'cause you're sad, doesn't mean everyone has to be." Hurts to hear the truth, doesn't it, Betty?
  • Lovers quarrel: Henry lets Betty have it after she fires Carla. She argues, telling him he's not on her side, to which he replies, "No one is ever on your side, Betty." The two have their first truly serious fight, and Betty is finally coming to the realization that her new life isn't so perfect. In fact, she seems to start longing for her old life with Don. When he comes to the house to meet the Realtor, Betty "happens" to be in the kitchen to have one last drink with her ex, confessing to him that things aren't doing so great. He responds by telling her about his engagement. Betty may have been looking for a reconciliation, but Don definitely puts the kibosh on that.
  • Baby on board: I knew it! Joan walks into Pryce's office, where he announces that she's being promoted to Director of Agency Operations (just a title change, not a wage increase, unfortunately). But that's not the big news. She's also sporting a stomach bulge that definitely isn't just a lunch bump. She later calls Greg on the phone, and he mentions a baby. Looks like Joan decided to keep Roger's child after all, but either Greg can't do math, or Joan is lying to him about how far along she is. She's visibly upset by Don's news of his engagement; not only has he stolen her promotion thunder, but he's also marrying his secretary, which brings out Joan's own animosity toward Roger. Speaking of Roger, I'm curious to see how he reacts when Joan's baby arrives.

What did you think of the finale? Were you shocked to see Don get engaged so quickly? What about Joan's pregnancy? Share your two cents in the comments below or add them to the Mad Men community group!

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lwimbush lwimbush 7 years
no. don proposing to megan is definitely NOT redemption. he seems to be going down the same path of lies and secrets. they don't know anything about each other. just because she's a good babysitter doesn't mean she needs to be his wife.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 7 years
I loved this episode, but it was very different from last season's crazy exciting ending! I think Don is finally coming to terms with his identity and is on a path to merge Dick and Don. He mentioned to Sally that he is Dick, and he gives Megan Anna's ring-a physical object that is a connection with his past and now, his future. I think all the women stole the show tonight, the scene with Joan and Peggy was HYSTERICAL!! I also think Betty's so lost, I really loved that scene with her and Don...lots of history there. The BEST LINE though, goes to Roger response to: "Miss Calvais and I are getting married" "who the hell is that?" LMAO!!!
jadenirvana jadenirvana 7 years
Hmm, I thought this was a pretty lackluster finale compared to last season's epic "Shut the Door, Have A Seat." Don's pulling a Roger paled in comparison to hanging the shingle on Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The episode hinted that this would be the finale where Don revealed his true identity, and I thought dropping that bombshell would have been a much buzzier cliffhanger. Another secret theory of mine was that 'Sterling's Gold" would become a bestseller and the royalties would save the company-I'd buy it in a heartbeat! Also, I already miss Barefoot Bert!
a-million-suns a-million-suns 7 years
Meeshee, I was wondering if that was the ANTM girl too. According to IMDb, it was her. Weird! I don't know what to think about Don's engagement. I mean, obviously he hardly knows her and I think it's much more infatuation than love. Don't make big decisions while you're on vacation, people!
meeshee meeshee 7 years
i never say anything out loud when i watch television, but when don proposed to megan, i screamed, "what?!" i can't believe it! just as a side note, did anyone else notice that the model who came in looking for work was the girl who left america's next top model because she didn't want her hair chopped off? i think her name was cassandra? at least, i think it was her!
ElsaBeK ElsaBeK 7 years
Loved loved LOVED this episode... could this be redemption for Don? Maybe for once hes putting his kids interests before his own by choosing Megan over Faye? BTW..I was elated when he broke up with Faye..she was a bossy know it all...yuck.. Now I just don't know how I'm going to make it til' next season..can't come soon enough.
care0531 care0531 7 years
I really liked this episode. I know that it was really crazy with Don and Megan getting engaged but he seems really happy. It will be intresting to see if it all goes through or not. Joan being pregnant was not a surprise- I saw that coming. I wouldn't be surprised if something happens to her husband and she ends up dragging Roger into some drama. I really liked how they ended the episode with Don and Betty in the house. Her crying...I wasn't sure how to read that....was she upset to be leaving the house or was she upset with the issues with her and Henry? Either way it was a great way for them to end a season.
stephley stephley 7 years
"Joan could be stuck with a pointy-nosed, white-haired baby and a suspicious husband lol" -- can't wait for this!
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 7 years
Faye knows more about his past, but the fact is Megan is actually able to interact with the children without being mean or awkward, which Faye really was with Sally. They need at least one normal parent around. Well, I guess Henry kind of fits that too, but Sally definitely needs some type of mother figure. If Betty's not going to be that, someone has to. I almost burst out laughing at how shocked Don was when Megan was calm after the milkshake spilled. Also loved how pissed Peggy was at the end when her accomplishments were overlooked again and that she expressed concern over Don's sudden engagement. I like her and Don as friends.
bisou002 bisou002 7 years
I actually said, "WHAT?!" out loud several times. I thought this was a really great season finale. Now I'll have to try and get into "Walking Dead" to try and fill the AMC void until "Breaking Bad" returns!
suzpuz suzpuz 7 years
OMG. This episode has several shocking things that made me pause my DVR while watching it! wow. I loved the moment when Joan & Peggy vented about Don's engagement!
weffie weffie 7 years
I was SO MAD when Don proposed! He was actually starting to take care of himself and now he's jumping into another situation where he has to keep secrets and sneak around again... and I thought it was super tacky that he used Anna's ring. If you don't know the girl well enough to explain who the ring belonged to and why you have it, you probably don't know her well enough to MARRY her! But at least now the kids will have at least one parent who actually likes kids. I never really liked Faye, but I did sympathize with her last night... She seems too classy to seek revenge but hopefully she messes with Don a little bit :) This episode was crazy... I like Henry more since he called Betty out on her childish BS, and I found the usually-creepy Glen sort of endearing too. It will be really interesting to see how much time passes over the break this year... by next season, Don and Megan will presumably be married and Joan could be stuck with a pointy-nosed, white-haired baby and a suspicious husband lol... I sure hope The Walking Dead turns out to be as good as it looks because this is going to be a brutal wait!
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