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TV Tonight: Mad Men Returns

Although Mad Men seems like the most-talked about show on television right now, that wasn't always the case. In fact, even despite early critical acclaim, the show flew under most people's radars during its inaugural season last Summer on AMC. Slowly but surely, the time capsule straight out of the '60s gained a following — one that apparently included a lot of Emmy voters. Now, as we approach the super-hyped second season opener, there is no question that Mad Men has arrived. Starting tonight, the spotlight is aimed hot and bright at creator Matthew Weiner and his cast to see if the show can continue to deliver the goods in its sophomore year.

To see where Mad Men has been and where it might be going tonight,


Season one introduced us to a stylized world from the past, full of art-deco furniture and clothing silhouettes we haven't seen since, well, the '60s. The show might remind us of our grandparents if it weren't so cool, so sleek, so wonderfully retro. In this world, the ad men of Madison Avenue are enjoying the high life: adrenaline rushes at the job (tempered by cocktails and a boatload of cigarettes), a lover in the city, and a wife keeping house and putting dinner on the table in the country. American economic and political power had never been so dominant, and in Mad Men's world, the people taking the greatest advantage of those good times were the cuff-linked movers and shakers of New York City.

Season one left us with a major cliffhanger about Peggy and her baby. Weiner — now legendary for how tightly he runs his spoiler ship — has urged viewers to trust where that story is going, promising he will "give you the information as you need it, in the most entertaining fashion." Meanwhile, leading man Don Draper has effectively buried the truth about his past, and if the promos are any indication, he'll be grappling with issues of identity when season two picks up in February 1962, 14 months after the season one finale.

Are you excited for tonight? Will be you tuning in on a weekly basis to Mad Men, or is this one you catch up with later on DVD?

Photos courtesy of AMC

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