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Madonna Serving Up Gen-Y Version of "Star Search"

Madonna Serving Up Gen-Y Version of "Star Search"

Between YouTube, "American Idol," "Last Comic Standing," "So You Think You Can Dance?" and many, many more, there's hardly a shortage of modern showcases for amateur talent. But apparently, we need another one: Variety is reporting that Madonna's Maverick label, together with Madison Road Entertainment and Guy Oseary, is launching a sort of "Star Search" for Generation Y, called "Big Shot."

Set to launch Sept. 10, the 13-week online talent show will let hopefuls post 30-second videos to the show's web site, and every day, voters will choose a new winner from the pool of singers, comedians, filmmakers, and other artisans. Each day's victor will be flown to Hollywood to get a shot at wowing some important industry type. The whole thing sounds quite convoluted. According to Variety:

Goal of the project is to create a new batch of Internet stars (think lonelygirl15) — and to then link those stars with companies that want to be associated with marketable Net-based talent.

"Big Shot" will achieve that sort of linkage by making many of its prizes tie-ins to existing entertainment properties. Winner of an acting competition, for example, might win a role on Maverick-produced FX drama "The Riches" ...

Having a new winner every day was deemed critical in order to keep the instant gratification-minded Gen Y aud involved, Severson said.

Yeah, because Generation Y really hasn't embraced that whole one-elimination-per week "American Idol" show, has it? For the rest of the details,

What's more baffling is how the show will be distributed. Mostly, "Big Shot" will take place online, but the production companies also want to partner with local TV stations, who will act much like broadcast affiliates.

Confused yet? "Big Shot" doesn't exactly sound like a sure shot to me. It just seems like a lot to ask for viewers — even teens with lots of time on their hands — to visit the "Big Shot" web site every single day to sift through videos. I'm certainly not encouraged by the fact that Maverick's last television project was the ill-fated "I'm From Rolling Stone." What do you guys think?


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Entertainment Entertainment 10 years
Hey guys, the website for "Big Shot" doesn't launch until September 10, 2007, so we'll probably get more details about the whole thing once we get closer to that date.
felish3 felish3 10 years
does anyone know how old you have to be or the offical website?
Miss-Tiny-Dancer Miss-Tiny-Dancer 10 years
Does anyone know what the site is to upload your audition video??
kelliegreene kelliegreene 10 years
Madge can do NO wrong in my opinion. I ALWAYS give her projects a minute of my time bc she can do ANYTHING she wants, it must be worth it if she's involved. My opinion, but I recognize and respect a queen:)
Linda-McP Linda-McP 10 years
Sounds like a long shot to me.
jacseamit jacseamit 10 years
Oh, Madonna. Once, she had her finger, maybe even all ten of them, on the pulse of pop culture. The use of the already-dated term "Generation Y" (who were born starting in 1978, btw) tell me those days are way, WAY over.
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