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Maggie Grace Not Confirmed to Return to Lost For the Final Season

Which Lost Characters Do You Most Want to See in Season 6?

After months and months of waiting for Lost's final season, we're finally in the home stretch! Promos for new episodes have started rolling out (though we won't see a single snip of new footage until next year) and the speculation about who will be returning is heating up more than ever.

A few weeks ago there were rumblings that a character from seasons past had been asked to return but hadn't made a decision yet, and today we learned that it's Maggie Grace. Of course, just because she's yet to confirm an appearance in season six doesn't mean we won't see Shannon. Just last week Sonya Walger said she "didn't know" if we'd be seeing Penny either, but we do know that Ian Somerhalder's pretty face will be making a cameo.

The masterminds behind the show have said that we're going to see lots of old faces in the final season, so while we wait — which Lost characters do you want to see in season 6? Should Walt make a return? What about Charlie and Claire?

If you want to keep the Lost ball rolling, check out the Fan Group in the Buzz Community!

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