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Mark Burnett Invading China, Encouraging Piracy

"Survivor" creator Mark Burnett has China and piracy on the brain — and I'm not talking about illegal DVD bootlegs. Reuters is reporting that the next installment of "Survivor" will take place in China, making it the first reality show to film entirely in a Communist country. CBS has not yet said when or where production will get underway.

China will be a far cry from Fiji or the Caribbean. But lest you think Burnett is abandoning island life entirely, the reality-show guru also has a new summer series, called "Pirate Master," starting on Thursday, May 31. According to a CBS press release, the show:

"will send 16 modern-day pirates on a high seas adventure where they will live as buccaneers and travel around the Caribbean island of Dominica in search of hidden treasure that will total $1 million. ... Each week, the pirates will embark on extraordinary expeditions where they will decipher clues along the way in search of missing treasure."

Australian actor and musician Cameron Daddo will host the show, which follows the contestants as they live aboard a 176-foot ship. I, for one, would love to hear more about these "modern-day pirates." Is that just CBS's cute way of describing players pretending to be pirates? Or is Burnett recruiting people who currently earn their livings as pirates? I'm sure it's the former, but the latter would be awesome. Either way, this should be rich.

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