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Mark Wahlberg to Star in Ted, Directed by Seth McFarlane

Mark Wahlberg to Get a New CGI Best Friend in Seth McFarlane

Mark Wahlberg knows his way around buddy comedies thanks to Entourage, but his next onscreen best friend is a little more unusual than someone like Turtle or Drama. Wahlberg is in talks to star in Ted, a comedy directed by Family Guy's Seth McFarlane, where he'll play opposite (wait for it) a teddy bear. Ted will be a live-action/CGI mix as it follows a man (Wahlberg) who wished for his childhood best friend, a teddy bear, to be real when he was a kid. The wish came true, and as a grown-up, he now has to deal with the similarly grown teddy bear Ted (voiced by McFarlane), who's now an irresponsible slacker interfering in Wahlberg's life. Coupled with the news that Wahlberg may also star in a Crow remake, I'm starting to wonder who's making these decisions for him.

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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
wow, couldn't resist another knock at Wahlberg's faith and use of a spiritual guide, huh? what's funny (and by "funny" I mean annoying and absolutely disturbing) is that if he were a Buddhist or Muslim or even Atheist and used anything to help him make his decisions he would be lauded. apparently we respect everyone's religion and/or beliefs except for Christians. now, I don't disagree that he has made some odd career choices considering, but have a little decency. anyway, the movie sound funny although the words, "live-action/CGI mix" always kind of make me groan...
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