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Matt Giraud Voted Off American Idol But Judges Use Their Save to Keep Him on the Show

American Idol Elimination: Unlucky Number Seven?

"I think America's gonna have a tough call, but I think I know who's going to leave," Quentin Tarantino said in the opening minutes of Wednesday's American Idol elimination episode. I wonder how this week's guest mentor is feeling now that he knows who fell to the bottom of the heap after this week's movie-themed episode. Did he guess right? Did you? And did the much-discussed but not yet used judges' save come into play? To talk about it, just


Well, I guess this is Idol history: America wanted Matt Giraud out of the competition, but the judges stepped in to save him. I'm not sure his dismissal would have been exactly a Chris Daughtry-style mistake, honestly, but he's had good moments and I suppose I'm happy enough to see him again. Still, Simon saying Matt really has no chance of winning Idol seems contrary to the point of the save, right? Are you surprised the judges kept him in the competition? Do you think he was more deserving than any of the folks eliminated before him? Of course, this will make next week awfully interesting, because two people are getting eliminated. And on disco week? My ears are hurting already.

In other news, I'm officially worried about Anoop. I thought Tuesday's performance was one of his best, as did the judges (er, at least the ones we got to hear from), and he still wound up in the bottom three? This does not bode well. At least he was sent back to safety first; Lil and Matt had to sweat it out a little longer. Lil, by the way, definitely seemed due for a trip to the bottom three, and I'm hoping she can snap herself out of whatever funk she's been in for the past few weeks.

Also: Is anyone else secretly hoping for a Lambert/Gokey bottom two next week, just because it would mean the judges' save created exactly the kind of situation it was intended to prevent? This season's been so lackluster, I guess I'm rooting for chaos.

Some other thoughts on Wednesday's show:

  • Given the way Paula and Kara were goofily dancing during Matt's potentially last performance, I have to assume that any "deliberation" about saving him happened long before he took the mic.
  • I'm a little surprised Ryan didn't do that thing where three singers stand on one side of the stage, three singers stand on the other, and the unlucky seventh has to choose which group to join. But I'm glad, too; I was kind of over that schtick.
  • The Ford commercial mainly just reminded me how much more I like Lil with shorter hair.
  • At first I thought Paula was ducking to get out of Kris's way during "Maniac."
  • It was good to see Jennifer Hudson back on Idol — and appropriate she was there on the night of the judges' save. I thought she seemed a little nervous at first talking to Ryan, but once she started kind of making fun of him, everything snapped into place. I can't believe this is the first time she's touring!
  • How far do you think Miley Cyrus would have gotten in Idol? Top 36? Top 12? Could she have won?

Are you happy to see Matt granted a second chance?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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