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Matt Lanter Talks About Playing Robert Pattinson in Vampires Suck 2010-08-04 16:30:36

Exclusive: Matt Lanter on Poking Fun at Robert Pattinson and His 90210 Love Life

Matt Lanter has a big couple of months ahead of him. Not only is he gearing up for the return of 90210, but in two weeks we'll see him do his best Edward Cullen in the Twilight spoof, Vampires Suck. At the Summer TCA, I stole Lanter away for a few minutes, where he talked about his respect for Robert Pattinson and his fears of Twi-hard backlash. He also revealed what will happen with Annie and Liam on 90210 and gave us his take on which character will come out of the closet.

BuzzSugar: How much fun was it to spoof Twilight in Vampires Suck?
Matt Lanter: I had a blast doing it. I've worked with those guys before on Disaster Movie, so I knew I was going to have a good time. And to be able to do a Twilight spoof — let's be honest, they had it coming, right?

Buzz: Do you worry about fan backlash?
ML: Like a bunch of teen girls showing up at my house? A little bit, a little bit. So please don't hurt me.


Buzz: Have you met Rob [Pattinson]?
ML: I have not! He seems like a great guy, though. He really does. Honestly, I'm a fan. He does a great job in the Twilight series.

Buzz: So you've seen the Twilight movies?
ML: Yeah, I've seen them. I actually read the first book. I did my character research!

Buzz: Can you do an Edward Cullen impersonation for us?
ML: I'm not going to do a re-enactment for you! But I had the eyes and I had the hair. My hair was longer too, I had a very good, disheveled Rob Pattinson look going on. It was great, we pretty much closely follow the Twilight film. So a lot of the scenes in Twilight we're actually doing. What's also kind of cool is that we also follow our own storyline. It was fun.

Buzz: Did you get to do the sparkling like diamonds scene?
ML: I did, I did do the diamond scene. And I was naked in front of — well, not completely. I had a little loin cloth on in front of like 300 extras. You know you have that nightmare where you get up in front of everyone, and you're talking, and all of a sudden you're naked? That actually happened.

To see what Lanter had to say about 90210, including big spoilers about Annie and Liam and the rumored gay character, just


Buzz: Let's talk about 90210. What's happening with Liam next season?
ML: Well, at the end of last season he broke up with Naomi and he was getting a little bit emotionally closer to Annie. This season we see that kind of blossom into a romantic relationship. In the first couple of episodes we've shot, we share our first kiss. It's really romantic, it's out on another boat that wasn't blown up by creepy Jasper. I've got a half brother coming in, which is a surprise to everybody.

Buzz: Is Jasper still going to be around in the next season?
ML: Not yet. I don't know, we're a few episodes in and they haven't explained last season. Last season we ended with Jasper blowing up Liam's boat, then Liam beat him to a pulp. But we haven't seen the ramifications of that yet.

Buzz: Will Liam's anger management issues come to a breaking point?
ML: I don't know, it would kind of be fun to play. I love playing Liam when he gets to do the bad stuff, like racing cars and stealing boats.

Buzz: You said that Liam and Annie's romance develops, so does that mean that Liam is not the character who's going to come out of the closet?
ML: That's what everyone's been asking me about! We're two or three episodes in and I don't think that happens for a few more episodes. There's a possibility of it heading toward any of the three guys.

Buzz: Were you surprised when you found out the storyline was coming?
ML: I read it in an article just like everybody else. My picture popped up and it said, "Gay this season?" and I said "What?!"

Buzz: You know people are placing bets, making polls . . .
ML: I know! So I voted for . . . Dixon.

Buzz: Dixon wasn't actually one of the contenders.
ML: I mean . . . I voted for Navid!

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