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Well, Matthew McConaughey may have just found the movie role of his lifetime. According to Variety, the oft-shirtless actor has signed on to star in Surfer Dude, a movie about — hang on to your bongos, people — "a soulful surfer in existential crisis."

Let's all just take a moment to let that sink in.

Despite my general apprehension about movies with "dude" in the title, I think this could be the greatest thing to happen to surf cinema since Point Break. Matthew McConaughey is ridiculous — from his naked bongo playing to his '90s-era neon board shorts — and I love him for it. In fact, I can't wait to see him in this role, so

Surfer Dude, which begins filming in Malibu in May, is the first homegrown project from McConaughey's j.k. livin' production company. Of course, j.k. livin' is shorthand for McConaughey's motto, "Just keep livin'."

Flimsy personal philosophy aside, McConaughey the actor has always been a pleasure to watch, whether he's playing a stunted adult in Dazed and Confused or a defiant Southern lawyer in A Time to Kill. In my opinion, he always accepts roles within his range, and no, I haven't forgotten about Amistad.

Also, McConaughey doesn't pretend to dislike being a sex symbol like so many hot actors do. In fact, he recently told Entertainment Weekly that directors often "gotta work to get me to put on shirts." I particularly love this quote from Adam Shankman, who directed him in The Wedding Planner, about cutting one of MM's shirtless scenes:

"I only cut it because it was a moment when he was supposed to be having a genuine conversation with the bride-to-be and it was a massive distraction. He came to the set in his robe, all oiled up, and he was glistening in the light."

But the main thing I like about Matthew McConaughey is that he always seems to be having fun. After all, isn't that the main perk of being rich and famous? Bongo on, dude.


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