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caligirl101 caligirl101 9 years
I'm addicted to the ANTM marathons on MTV, I've seen most episodes 2 or 3 times.
Jillz1128 Jillz1128 9 years
I do like this show, but I admit it is a little boring at times. Really I think I'm just over Tyra sometimes.
kaenai kaenai 9 years
I feel bad to see Twiggy's not there. I like her; she's so collected and not "hey look at me! remember me?"; you know, she's not so desperate, the way certain other judges were. and some of them are very thin... but perhaps they're just built that way. who can say?
felixtherat1 felixtherat1 9 years
very exciting clothes. the models are cool 2. I like the shoes too.
AlyCat82 AlyCat82 9 years
Although I say I will stop watching ANTM, (I am somewhat ashamed that) I never do. Something about it is strangely addictive. Tyra didn't waste anytime though, did she? Didn't season 9 just wrap two weeks ago? Oh well...
Piaz Piaz 9 years
i miss Twiggy :(
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
I think it's hilarious that Saleisha wont be at fashion week.:P I love thigh highs so i love that some girls are wearing them.
NYYPrincess NYYPrincess 9 years
WOW - I cannot believe that it's starting again so soon .. not complaining though. Practically nothing new is on TV anymore.
SeptemberGurl SeptemberGurl 9 years
i only watched one season (the most recent) and i wanted tyra to fall off a cliff (or the great wall)...who knows...without new shows i may have to watch (it IS like crack, after all)
pinkpixie_11 pinkpixie_11 9 years
I say bring back Janice Dickinson. Who cares if the competition & the girls get stupider every season. As long as Janice is there, there won't be a dull or boring moment 'cause that woman is just chemically unbalanced which translates into countless hours of entertainment.
sageflower sageflower 9 years
The girl on the end is far too skinny - they shouldn't show that, its a bad role model for ana girls.
amber_castaldo amber_castaldo 9 years
Wow, are they getting skinnier, or is that just me.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 9 years
i still love naima. lol. i know she was like 4th cycle but she's my favorite
Kaki Kaki 9 years
That Fatima girl is waaay too thin
KAEB06 KAEB06 9 years
well it looks like Marvita made it this season....honestly thoug- no one is standing out to me!
raieven raieven 9 years
I thought I recognized that Marvita girl.
lilmisslainey lilmisslainey 9 years
where are the asians tyra??!! LAME There was 1 asian girl and 1 indian girl ever. And they were both sorry excuses for asians with pathetic self esteem issues. I know plenty chinese, korean, filipino, indian girl who could rock the runway like nobodys business.
TASTEthiss TASTEthiss 9 years
Twiggy was sooo boring. She added nothing to the panel.
Im-with-tha-Dj Im-with-tha-Dj 9 years
Wow, already?! Hope I don't hate them all like last season
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
as much as the show is the 'same thing' over and over again, i get happy when i see a new season coming up. i'll miss twiggy though...i liked her
bluesarahlou bluesarahlou 9 years
I'm with you guys...last season kinda sucked (with the exception of Heather's story) and it irked me that the girl who won had previous experience..WITH Tyra for that matter. I'm looking forward to a fresh new season!
anniemation anniemation 9 years
SHEESH! I don't even know if I'm READY to embark on a new cycle. ^_^ Except for Heather, this past cycle lacked sparkle or any individuality. Still, how can I expect to take this show seriously-- it's TV's #1 source for camp.
nomerz nomerz 9 years
ANTM - ha! More like glorified TV show.
jennibella87 jennibella87 9 years
I agree, bring Janice back. God I love her haha
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