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Meet the Three New Grey's Anatomy Docs

Meet the Three New Grey's Anatomy Docs

Kevin McKidd's Dr. Owen Hunt (that's "McArmy" to me) made his return to Grey's Anatomy in the most recent episode, but he's far from the only new doctor we'll be seeing around Seattle Grace this year. In fact, three female docs will be joining the cast in the coming weeks, staying for at least three episodes each — and possibly longer. Want to meet the newbies? Just


Played by Melissa George of Alias, Sadie makes her first appearance in the Nov. 13 episode of Grey's. She's an old friend of Meredith's and a new intern in Seattle who ruffles some feathers among Mere's resident friends. She's bisexual, and she's a character who likes to walk on the wild side. (Update: For the latest on that part of Sadie's story, check out this post.) She also has some big secret with Meredith. Huh, think they killed a guy? She'll be around for at least four episodes.

Dr. Virginia Dixon
Mary McDonnell of Battlestar Galactica steps in starting Nov. 13 as a cardiac surgeon who comes in to help fill the hole left by Preston Burke. (I thought that was Erica Hahn's job?) She's incredibly skilled in the OR, but socially, it's another story: She has Asperger's syndrome, which makes interacting with people a challenge. I'm curious to see how Grey's handles this character and issue; so far, McDonnell says there's no romance in Virginia's future, but that may depend on how long she sticks around. She's signed on for three episodes for now.

Dr. Arizona Robbins
What a name, huh? Starting later this season, Jessica Capshaw (of The L Word and The Practice) will join the Seattle Grace team as a pediatrician who "winds up butting heads with Dr. Bailey" when she's called to consult on a case. She's also signed on for three episodes, though the LA Times reports that could turn into more.

So, what do you think? Too many new characters — or just the right amount of fresh blood? And which character do you think has the best chance of sticking around long-term?

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Join The Conversation
haydee haydee 8 years
what's up with the new characters? Grey's is doing fine right now.
Allyace Allyace 8 years
Umm, why only new girls???
Phorrest99 Phorrest99 8 years
It'll be interesting to see what these 3 (or 4 really) new characters bring to the show.. :) Can't wait!
dragonfly79 dragonfly79 8 years
I love me some Kevin McKidd and hope he stays on permanently. Out of the 3 females, I really like Melissa George. Hopefully the new characters will spice up the show some. I am not liking Hahn and Callie, no chemistry! I'm tired of Derek and Merideth flip flopping as well.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
I have never thought that Jessica Capshaw was a good actress so I hope she does a good job on here. Glad to see some new blood though.
KJ1185 KJ1185 8 years
There won't be a new Hahn hookup since she is leaving... Entertainment Weekly broke that news
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well it's typical for them to bring in new faces, but that's what the beginning of the season is all about. i guess they just don't develop the new interns all that much, so when they can bring new doctors in mid-season, it's their chance to spice things up right? i hope that they have more development than some of the others - and i'd like to see this new twist with meredith and sadie. that could be interesting since her plot line has been rather dull since they don't have the whole brain tumor trial thing going on this year.
bluesuze bluesuze 8 years
Well, none of these new hussies better come between Merideth and Derek because I'm so sick of those two breaking up and getting back together again
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 8 years
Agreed crystahl. Enough is enough with the breakup/makeups with those two. Seriously. And I find myself looking out the window through every scene Izzy is in. And Hahn was fired according to another post this morning. I don't think it is a gay thing but a ZERO chemistry thing.
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
I think the pediatrician named Arizona will be interesting, the others don't impress me much. Sadie seemed much more interesting when she was supposed to be a wild, loose cannon and a bisexual. I wonder why ABC is taking out all of the homosexual storylines now? I think Sadie would be better with Callie than Erica (or vice versa).
Britni_Marie Britni_Marie 8 years
More guys please!
crystahl crystahl 8 years
if they have arizona come in and wreck havoc on mcdreamy and grey i will be soo annoyed!!
amloveaffair amloveaffair 8 years
!!!!!!!!! I love Mary!!
Bisque Bisque 8 years
I'd really love to see the interaction between sadie and meredith.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
Please let Sadie break up Hahn and Callie, 'cause there is ZERO chemistry there. Also, never let Hahn cry again. Thank you. Guess I'm gonna have to get over how much I hated Melissa George in Alias (her character, not the actress).
thelorax thelorax 8 years
McArmy fills the dark and twisty void that happy Meredith left. Oh yeah, I agree ashleybrooke - I see a Hahn-Sadie hookup, maybe??
ashleybrooke-87 ashleybrooke-87 8 years
I have a feeling the only reason they are bringing Sadie on is to break up Callie and Hahn... because they know they aren't working but need an easy excuse to break them up. Viola!
AnonymousJoe AnonymousJoe 8 years
This show is going downhill it's not working. They already have far too many characters adding more isn't gonna help. Use some of the 100 you got already!
graylen graylen 8 years
I adore Grey's, but sometimes I wish they would give their characters more stories than just romantic ones. I'd love to see more ethical stories or things like that. I think the new characters are fine to give the old characters new material to work from. However, I liked Hahn more before they gave her a whole storyline. I think they should just be people we regularly see, but don't hear a ton about.
emalove emalove 8 years
This show just isn't doing it for me anymore...totally lost its momentum, in my opinion.
mannylove mannylove 8 years
They already have too many characters that aren't getting enough good storylines. Though I do love Melissa George...! She was so good on In Treatment
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
These sound like interesting characters who can bring some needed changes to Seattle Grace. Hard to tell who, if anyone will stick around, but I love the idea of someone going head to head with Bailey. Chandra Wilson is so good when she's defending Bailey's beliefs and practices; I look forward to seeing these confrontations. Of the three, Sadie has the least appeal to me.
wildflower666 wildflower666 8 years
sure brings the rating up
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