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American Idol Elimination: We've Got Eight

So, American Idol has said farewell to another singer. At the top of Wednesday's elimination show, the judges each hinted that they were mostly disappointed by this week's performances. Randy said it's funny how many singers chose older songs given the large contemporary songbook at their disposal. And I agree — I still wonder what they were thinking!

Paula basically told the contestants that someday the rest of them might be as good as Adam, while Simon said Anoop, Matt, and Megan should be afraid — very afraid. So was he right about those three? Was the judges' save — which is "still alive" as Ryan reminded us — used? To discuss, just


This week's bottom three as a whole was more interesting to me than the person who got sent home. Matt's performance of a song by The Fray was not his best moment, but he was spared from the silver stools (after Ryan messed with his head, of course). Allison, Anoop, and Megan were on the chopping block, and of the three, only Allison really surprised me, though it seems like America and the judges have a love-hate relationship with her. Simon showed some sense and hinted the judges might save her if America wanted to send her home, but it didn't come to that: Apparently surprising nobody (including her), Megan was eliminated.

You know, I can understand sticking up for your vision to the judges every once in awhile, maybe directly after a performance, but I can't really wrap my head around Megan's "I love you, Simon, but I don't really care." Why go out like that? That seems a little crazy (so did the cawing, though that cracked me up — she and Allison must have been quite a pair in the Idol mansion). But! She did us all a favor with her cavalier attitude, because the judges didn't even bother faking a deliberation. Her chance to sing was her final performance on the Idol stage, awkward dancing and all. I've gone against the grain and liked Megan from the start, but I think it's wise of her and Idol to break up now, for everyone's sake.

Some more thoughts:

  • The weird Ford "Mixed Up and I Think I Like It" commercial was kind of disturbing. Do I want to see Lil's mouth under Danny's glasses? No, I do not. Also: Kris should not rap.
  • The more these kids over-emote on stage, the more obvious and silly the lip-syncing looks. Also, "Don't Stop Believing" just makes me want to watch the Glee pilot again. Six more weeks, guys!
  • Aw. Kris talking about "sexy face" was pretty cute. I'm liking this guy.
  • The impersonations were so fun! Allison's Gokey impression was good, but Gokey's impression of Matt singing Coldplay was the best.
  • David Cook's album has gone platinum and . . . he cried.

Were you sad to see Megan go? Surprised?

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