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Memo to Grey's Anatomy: Hire Brooke Smith!

Memo to Grey's Anatomy: Hire Brooke Smith!

After watching her guest-star on three different series in the past year, I'm thoroughly convinced that adding actress Brooke Smith to any show is a recipe for instant sass. She's given this season of Weeds a much-needed dose of snark, and her too-brief appearances on Dirty Sexy Money were full of the cold stares and harsh barbs I've come to expect from Smith's characters. Remember when her Dr. Hahn spiced up Grey's Anatomy during the second-season finale, fighting with her med-school rival Burke over who should get the donor heart? And when she raised hell at Seattle Grace again last fall, when George chose her over Burke for his father's surgery?

Without two of its strongest characters — Addison and Burke — Grey's has been struggling to find its footing this season. I think there's one sure way to right the ship: Bring back Dr. Hahn. It would give the show another powerful surgeon to play off Derek and Mark, not to mention a woman who talks tough, focuses on her career, and hasn't already slept with the entire hospital staff.

Her characters often seem cold — "Last time I saw you, you stole my patient's heart. Then you got shot. Karma rocks." — but they're not without compassion. Her uneasy friendship with Nancy on Weeds included a fantastic scene where the two got sloshed on white wine and talked about how messed up their children were, and it's one of my favorite moments of this season so far. She could be the new straight-talker on Grey's, jolting the Seattle Grace crew out of their little self-absorbed bubbles — but she could also come to the rescue when one or another of them really gets in a jam.

I'm taking it as a positive sign that Dr. Hahn apparently returns on tonight's Grey'shere's a clip of Izzie and Cristina fighting over some decision Hahn made. Maybe this is her audition? If so, I hope she nails it; Brooke Smith could be just the spark Grey's needs.


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