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Michael Bay and James Frey to Make a Movie

Michael Bay and James Frey May Team Up For Sci-Fi Movies

Yeah, you read those names correctly. Michael Bay, director of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is in talks to produce and possibly direct a sci-fi movie franchise based on a six-book young adult series that has yet to be published.

This news in and of itself isn't all that earth-shattering but the interesting part is that the project is reportedly being co-written by James Frey. You know, the guy who got yelled at by Oprah on the air for stretching the truth in his so-called memoir A Million Little Pieces.

The first book, titled I Am Number Four is about:

. . . a group of nine alien teenagers on a planet called Lorien, which is attacked by a hostile race from another planet. The nine and their guardians evacuate to Earth, where three are killed. The protagonist, a Lorien boy named John Smith, hides in Paradise, Ohio, disguised as a human, trying to evade his predators and knowing he is next on their list.

Sounds like a pretty solid premise for young adult fiction and for a movie. What do you think? Are you surprised Frey had something like this in him?

Image Source: WireImage
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kafarine-tin-tin kafarine-tin-tin 8 years
Sounds like the perfect opportunity for Michael Bay to use slow motion.
alesimas alesimas 8 years
This is such a weird combo. I read Frey's book after the whole Oprahgate and thought he was extremely talented. It would be a shame to see another person selling out, even more to a Bay movie. Is it just me or lately his movies don't even try to have a plot, or a plot that makes sense ?
delicatewine delicatewine 8 years
as long as megan fox isnt in it ill see it. her little baby voice makes my ears bleed
Phil Phil 8 years
Can't anyone stop this douchebag from doing anything? All the people paying to see his movies are enablers. We need to stop the cycle.
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