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How The Millers' Showrunner Defends Fart Jokes on His Series

Greg Garcia, executive producer of The Millers, turned up for the TCA panel for his new show to chat about, among other things, farts. Garcia brought along the stars of his new family comedy, Will Arnett, Margo Martindale, Beau Bridges, and J.B. Smoove, who discussed the new series, including the gross running joke in the show's pilot, as well as how Arnett feels about transitioning to a new show after Up All Night's cancellation.

  • Garcia contends that the show is "a love letter" to his parents, but it also undeniably contains a lot of gross-out humor. "There's a run of fart jokes in the pilot," Garcia said, defending them by saying, "Fart jokes are funny . . . they have their place on TV once in a while." He cited a classic source — the Blazing Saddles farting scene — that Garcia said that he'd recently rewatched at a gala honoring Mel Brooks and mentioned that "everyone was dying laughing" while watching it. However, squeamish TV watchers can rest easy. Garcia also said, "In the next eight or nine scripts, I don't think a fart joke appears."
  • Arnett has yet to find a sitcom home post-Arrested Development (not counting Netflix's revival), but he sounds pretty confident about this one. He said, "We had the benefit of a great script." Interestingly, he also noted that while he enjoys playing outlandish characters, he's grateful to hand over a lot of the comedic reigns to Martindale and Bridges, who play his squabbling parents, saying, "It's a lot more grounded and it's probably more reflective of where I am as a person right now."
  • Margo Martindale, who won an Emmy for Justified, joked, "I think all I've played is Moms since I was 16 . . . I always wanted to be on a sitcom, and I just started killing people along the way." She's playing Arnett's mother, and the two share a cute Dirty Dancing moment in the pilot. Of the dance, Arnett noted, "That's really what brought us all together, is a love of the film Dirty Dancing."
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Ch15490201 Ch15490201 3 years
Fart jokes are pretty funny on this show and normally I love The Millers BUT the episode on Thursday 2/27/14 was one of THE WORST!!! Had to fast forward thru all the scenes with the little girl and grandma as it was disgusting to watch. For her grandma to turn her mistake into crumbling all the values her parents had instilled in the little girl and make her start to think it was all right to murder and eat animals after being raised right for all those years was just wrong and evil. We need to have vegetarian role models, not have them portrayed as they do while making fun of Adam and his wife as feeble and dumb. They don't look weak or sickly on the show and shouldn't be put across as being weird, dumb, or feeble, but as heroes for animals. Greg Garcia really screwed the pooch on this one!!!
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