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21 Ways Miss Congeniality Is Still Your Favorite Movie Ever

Jul 26 2016 - 9:30am

Sandra Bullock [1] is still one of our role models, so we feel like anytime is a good time to celebrate one of her best movies of all time: Miss Congeniality. The film came out in 2000, and it's still one of the best female-centric comedies of the 21st century. Bullock, who turns 52 this week, is a genius, and she portrays a lead that's both relatable and badass. (Remember S.I.N.G.?) She's the ideal heroine, and it's time we give credit where credit is due. Take a minute to remember why you loved — and should still love — Miss Congeniality.

When Gracie Just Cannot Close the Microwave

When She Falls Down

And Literally Cannot Deal With Walking

When Eric Gets All up in Her Business

When Gracie Makes Music With Her Water Glass

And you tried so hard to do it too, but you just weren't as skilled at it.

When She Calls Out Victor For Being a Jerk

When She's All, "Ay, I'm Walkin' Here!"

When Kathy Morningside Is Not OK

When Eric Secretly Totally Loves Her

When Gracie Practices Her Fake Cry on the Plane

And After That Makeover, When She's Superhot

And Then She Falls Down and It's SO Gracie

And She Answers One of Stan's Questions Perfectly

When Cheryl Misunderstands a Question and It's Just the Best

April 25 is unofficial Cheryl Frasier Day.

When She's Just Done With Training With Victor

When She Rolls Her Eyes at the Chick Who's Upset About the Pizza

And She Just Takes Everyone Out and Gets Them Hammered

Seriously, though, what is in those test tubes of booze?

And When She Imparts Some Wisdom to Cheryl

When Her Fake-Crying Practice Pays Off . . . Sort Of

When She Does This Supersweet Dance

This may or may not be an outtake. Either way, it's great.

And When Cheryl Loses It on Stage During the Finale

Dreams = ruined.

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